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Student Leadership Roles

The University of Tasmania provides a number of programs for students to be involved in leadership to gain experience, assist their fellow students, and contribute to the university community.

Student Experience Peer Programs

The Student Experience peer-led programs connect students with fellow students to achieve academic, social and personal growth. These peer programs have been designed to complement each other and support students throughout their student journey, with peer leaders trained to deliver specific support and to role model strategies that successful students employ. They promote a holistic student experience; promoting academic success, wellbeing, and employability.

Other University Student Leader Programs

There are a number of other great programs for students to be involved in across the University.  They also provide opportunities for paid employment or placements, that enable provide experience and skill development

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program employs students to the University's Student Recruitment team at their events and activities. These might include events such as; school presentations, campus tours, University open days, career markets, and expos, Student Ambassadors engage in a positive and friendly manner within the community, with a focus on increasing awareness of University degree offerings and enhancing the reputation of the University, and sharing their personal university experiences.  Working as a Student Ambassador is a great way to develop leadership skills, as well as confidence in public speaking, communication and interpersonal skills.

Sustainability Integration Program for Students (SIPS)

SIPS is an award winning program linking operational sustainability outcomes with student education and experience. There are lots of different ways to be involved including internships and SIPS Fellowships .

Apply to be a student leader

Student Leader roles are advertised on Career Connect. The main recruitment round is in August and the Student Jobs team offer information sessions to inform you about the various Peer and Student Leader roles available in 2020. In these sessions you will find out more about the purpose of each role and what skills and abilities are required to perform those roles. These sessions are delivered on all campuses, and are scheduled for;

Workshops are also being offered throughout the year to help you improve your job applications.

Registration for workshops and information sessions is through the CareerConnect Events page.