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The Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program

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Welcome to the Vice-Chancellor's Leadership ProgramThe Vice-Chancellor's Leadership Program (VCLP) is a 3 tiered leadership program available to all University of Tasmania students.

This program provides opportunities for leadership development and formally recognises and celebrates student contributions to a broad range of areas including volunteering, research and industry experience. Participation in the VCLP ensures that when you graduate you will have the skills and experiences necessary to give you a competitive edge.

Take a closer look at what the VCLP involves

Tier 1: Discover - Discover your potential: Leadership, Service and Employability Unit XBR110. This unit can be enrolled as student elective or breadth unit towards your primary degree.

Tier 2: Contribute - Citation Reflections: Get recognition for your experiences such as volunteering, placements, part-time job, internships on your academic transcript.

Tier 3: Achieve - The Award: Articulate your learning, leadership goals and future vision with a panel of University and community leaders" and stand out from the crowd.

Want to participate in the VCLP?

Submit your expression of interest here

VCLP Workshops and information sessions

Register for one of the following workshops and other in the event section on Career Connect


How to write your citation reflection
Sandy Bay and Newnham

2 Aug 11 am

Room 1.1 Morris Miller Library Sandy Bay and video conf. Meeting room NH.Y203N - Student Centre, Newnham

How to write your citation reflection
Sandy Bay and Newnham

9 Aug 11 am

Room 1.1 Morris Miller Library Sandy Bay and video conf. Meeting room NH.Y203N - Student Centre, Newnham

Key dates 2020

Applications Fast-Track (Nursing and Paramedicine) Date and time
Tier 2 - Citations Applications due date Monday 24 of February (11:59 pm)
Tier 3 - VCLA Applications due date Monday 9 March (11:59 pm)

Exciting changes in the VCLP for 2020!

A new award will be launched soon which will replace Tier 2 of the Vice-Chancellor’s Leadership Program in 2020.  This award will recognise students’ experiences and contributions, both in the professional sphere and in community and civic service.

More information will be released in the coming months regarding these exciting opportunities for development and recognition.

How does this apply to you?

If you are graduating before or in the August 2020 round of graduations, then you are eligible to apply for citations and the final award of the VCLP in its current structure if you have;

  • Submitted an Expression of Interest in Career Connect before the 23th of July;
  • Completed Tier 1, XLL102 or XBR110, or be enrolled in the unit in Semester 2 2019;
  • Completed two or plan to be submitting two Tier 2 citation applications by 11:59pm on the 8th of September 2019; and
  • Submitted your Tier 3 application by 11:59pm on the 20th of October 2019 (if you are going for Tier 3 this year).

If you are graduating after August 2020, then you can still apply for Tier 2 citations in 2019 by submitting your application by 11:59pm on the 8th of September 2019.  You will also be eligible to have these credited towards the new award in 2020. If you are graduating after August 2020 you will be eligible to apply to be a part of the new leadership activities in 2020 or beyond.

From March 2019 the VCLP has been moved to the new career platform Career Connect.
Want to know about entry requirements and program rules? have a look at the VCLP guidelines here

If you have any questions about the VCLP please don’t hesitate to contact us:


Phone or face to face appointments for citations feedback on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays here book an appointment now.