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Volunteering is a fantastic way to realise your full human potential by developing your own skills – all whilst making a valuable contribution to society!

Get Involved!

You can register your interest to volunteer with a range of programs at the University by completing the Volunteer Survey in Career Connect .  This will allow you to get involved with programs such as UTASLife, and also find out more about community events you can be a part of.

Volunteering Tasmania

Volunteering Tasmania is the peak body for volunteering in Tasmania and they make a positive impact on volunteerism, and as a result, this helps to improve and sustain our wonderful community and the people within it.

Volunteering is proven to have a positive effect on mental and physical health, as well as being a potential pathway to employment.

Volunteering Tasmania believe that all members of our community equally deserve the right to experience the benefits of volunteering, regardless of their background or current situation.

Their mission is to create an environment which promotes and sustains effective volunteerism.

National Student Volunteer Week

The University of Tasmania appreciates the many contributions that our students make to communities local, national and global, through their volunteering.  Events are held in National Student Volunteer Week to celebrate our students and their achievements.