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Academic Integrity for Students

What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity is defined as: ‘a commitment, even in the face of adversity, to six fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. From these values flow principles of behaviour that enable academic communities to translate ideals to action’ (International Centre for Academic Integrity, 2014). At the University of Tasmania, academic integrity requires all students to act responsibly, honestly, ethically and collegially when using, producing and communicating information with other students and staff members.

Student Academic Integrity Unit

The Student Academic Integrity unit is designed to help all students better understand the principles of academic integrity and why it’s important. The module outlines the University’s position on breaches of academic integrity and identifies ways to assist students to avoid potential breaches. This is a compulsory module for new students in 2020, and students are encouraged to complete the content and quiz before they submit their first assessment item.

Academic and Study Skills Development Unit

The Academic and Study Skills Development unit (in MyLO) offers a variety of resources that will be useful for your academic writing, Two modules  in particular ‘writing in your own words – paraphrasing and summarising’ and Referencing: a practical guide’ offer practical steps on how you can write with integrity.

Text-matching Software (Turnitin)

The University of Tasmania uses text-matching software (Turnitin) to assist students to avoid plagiarism and help academic staff to detect breaches of academic integrity. Turnitin compares your work against the work of others through an online database.  This database of electronic material includes journal articles, websites, other students’ work and your own previously submitted work. The software produces a report that highlights where there is a similarity between your work and that found on the Turnitin database.

The Turnitin and Academic Writing Unit (in MyLO) allows you to submit your draft so you check for similarities before submitting your assignment within your unit.

To find these MyLO units, click on ‘Discover Course Catalog’ and search for the unit title.