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Who can help me through the process?

If you are being investigated for a breach of academic integrity there are several options for advice and support.

TUU Student Advocates can assist with

  • Understanding the University of Tasmania’s rules, ordinances, policies and procedures.
  • Grievances against the University in informal or formal negotiations
  • Explaining the University’s complaints process
  • Accusations of academic or general misconduct
  • Appealing penalties imposed by the University, including exclusion due to poor academic progress

Student Advisers and International Student Advisers can help you understand University policies and procedures or arrange for the specialised support if needed.

University Counselling Service offers confidential and professional counselling to students experiencing a range of academic, mental health and personal concerns including (but not limited to) anxiety, stress, depression, motivational problems and relationship difficulties.

Student Learning Advisers and Librarians provide expert, in-depth advice on a range of academic skills, including topics relating to academic integrity.

  • Paraphrasing and summarising
  • Incorporating sources (in-text citation)
  • Applying referencing styles