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Managing Your Academic Progress

Academic Progress Review (APR) involves an assessment of all students' results and the identification of those students who are experiencing issues with their academic progress in a given semester

Many students have difficulty in adapting to the university environment. The purpose of APR is to monitor your progress and reach out to you if you are having difficulties in passing units, and help support you towards the successful completion of your course.

We know that failing units can be extremely disappointing and can happen for a variety of reasons, including difficult life circumstances and events that are outside of your control. It is important to reflect on what may have impacted upon your studies and make the most of the advice and support on offer to help resolve those difficulties. If it is not clear to you where things may have gone wrong, working through the APR Questionnaire (PDF 197KB) can also provide you an opportunity to identify areas for improvement.

APR is a formal University process that occurs at the end of Semester 1 and 2, with an additional review after the Summer semester in February.

The four APR Stages – what does this mean for me?