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Workshops and Webinars

Student Learning provide a range of workshops to develop academic, research, and English Language skills. Our workshops are run on all campuses throughout the semester, as well as online.

Find out what is available in your study location below.

 Hobart Cradle Coast LauncestonSydneyOnline
Planning to write      
Assignment writing 24th July 1-1.50pm
25th July 12.-12.50pm
22nd July 2-2.50pm 16th July 12-1pm   26th July 1-1.50pm
Paraphrasing & summarising 31st July 12-12.50pm
1st July 1-1.50pm
1st August 3-3.50pm    2nd Aug 1-1.50pm
Editing & proofreading 10th Sept 1-1.50pm     13th Sept 1-1.50pm
Reflective writing   24th July 3-3.50pm  
 Hobart Cradle Coast LauncestonSydneyOnline
Referencing31st July 12-12.50pm
1st Aug 1-1.50pm
 22nd July 1-2pm
1st August 1-2pm
 Hobart Cradle Coast LauncestonSydneyOnline
Reading    10th Sept 12-1pm   
Presentations 22nd Aug 12-12.50pm     23rd Aug 1-1.50pm
Group work 6th Aug 12-12.50pm     9th Aug 1-1.50pm
Exams 24th Sept 12-12.50pm 2nd Oct 3-3.50pm1st Oct 1-2pm  27th Sept 1-1.50pm
Using the course catalogue   31st July 9.30-10am  
 Hobart Cradle Coast LauncestonSydneyOnline
Finding books & journals24th July 12-12.50pm
25th July 1-1.50pm
 17th July 1-2pm  
Effective searching  24th July 1-2pm
31st July 1-2pm
Evaluating sources    
 Hobart Cradle Coast LauncestonSydneyOnline
Sentence structure      16th Aug 1-1.50pm
Grammar      30th Aug 1-1.50pm
Vocabulary      20th Sept 1-1.50pm
Constructing paragraphs     4th Oct 1-1.50pm
Conversational English Weeks 4-13