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This is My Story - Sue Hickey

Born: Hobart, Tasmania


Started studying at UTAS: 2010

Degree completed: Master of Business Administration

Favourite subject: Entrepreneurship

Dream career: Senator or a career in board positions

Role model: Clover Moore - Lord Mayor of Sydney, NSW

Success in life: Miss Tasmania 1979, Tasmanian Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2007, MBA, Alderman & Lord Mayor of Hobart since 2014

Challenges in life: Life going too fast for me to learn all the things I would like to learn

As a business owner for 25 years I decided that I really wanted to challenge myself and all of my life's learning so I went to UTAS to do an MBA. I completed my MBA part-time over 3 years and loved it!

I made many new friends and amazed myself. The MBA has been invaluable for life as the Lord Mayor of Hobart.

Although I was time poor, juggling a business, family and study I was able to achieve all Distinctions or High Distinctions in my degree.

I hope that through my dedication to my career and study I am able to inspire more people to fulfil their education and career goals.

This is My Story...what's your story?