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This is My Story - Olivia Coyne

Born: Perth, WA

Hobbies/Passions: Sailing, training, reading

Year started studying at UTAS: 2015

Degree: Bachelor of Nursing (Fast Track)

Favourite subject: Bioscience

Dream career: Flight nurse

Role model/s: My parents and 2 brothers

Success in life: Completing 3 x Sydney to Hobart races

Challenges in life: I wish money grew on trees…

Success at Uni: Improving my essay writing skills, completing my first placement on Flinders Island, and overall just getting my head around uni life is a success in itself!

Challenges at Uni: Online lectures! I don't know if I'll ever adjust.

I grew up around Australia, and at age 5 moved to Malaysia. We stayed there for 2 years and moved to China for another 2 years. My brothers and I went to an international school, we grew up with kids from all over the world, a very special experience.

I completed school in the Blue Mountains, NSW. I was accepted into a double degree of Arts/Business, deferred, and then after 18 months, changed my mind altogether. I started work as a receptionist and was then offered a job at News Limited. I worked there for 4 years in the magazine department, started at the bottom. I loved working for the magazine team, all of it. The processes, the editors, the food, the fashion, the parties, and my creative colleagues. I worked my way up and then made the decision to move across to advertising agency land. I eventually made my way into a Project Manager's role and really enjoyed the work.

Late 2014 I applied to UTAS for a Bachelor of Nursing. Advertising was great, and I loved living in Sydney, but after 6 and half years in ad land I needed a change, a new challenge, to see a new horizon. I love Hobart, it's such a beautiful city, the pace, the people, the river, the mountain. I've loved my Nursing degree so far, anatomy and physiology is challenging me and placement has confirmed that this is what I want to do.

There are so many options available to nurses, locally and globally. Who knows where it will take me…

This is My Story...what's your story?