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University Values and Expectations

As a valued University community member, your experience and wellbeing are important to us. We want you to thrive. We want you to be safe, feel valued and actively contribute to our mission. People are the heart of our University community.


Our University is committed to a values-based culture. This means the foundation of our community is based on a shared set of values and the University Behaviour Policy (Governance and Accountability 6.4).

Our University community is characterised by this shared set of values and behaviour where we:

Respect and self-respect

  • do not tolerate any forms of unlawful discrimination, bullying or sexual misconduct;
  • behave and communicate in a manner that does not degrade or humiliate or unreasonably offend;
  • respect each other's ideas and contributions;
  • promote collegiality and work collaboratively to achieve outcomes.

Fairness and justice

  • are inclusive and treat everyone equitably, consistently and appropriately;
  • exercise power fairly and transparently;
  • enable all our members to access opportunities that allow for the development of their full potential.


  • adhere to University policies, procedures, ordinances, rules;
  • disclose and appropriately manage all conflicts of interest;
  • are straightforward, sincere and transparent in our dealings; and
  • undertake our work with diligence, acknowledging the input of others.

Trust and trustworthiness

  • demonstrate and encourage open communication;
  • cooperate and rely on our colleagues and fellow students to achieve agreed outcomes in a timely manner;
  • provide support to our fellow community members; and
  • know when it is appropriate to share information with others inside and outside our community.


  • acknowledge when we have done wrong and take action to correct it;
  • identify and report all workplace health and safety risks or security incidents, and compliance breaches; and
  • contribute to our University's sustainability – social, economic and environmental.


  • do not engage in fraud, corruption or illegal acts;
  • communicate openly and transparently;
  • acknowledge the work and contribution of others; and
  • provide accurate and timely feedback to our fellow colleagues and students.


We have taken a holistic approach to describing the expected behaviours for our University community and have been deliberate in naming up inappropriate behaviour that will not be tolerated at our University. Behaviour that is inconsistent with our University values may be considered inappropriate behaviour. In some circumstances, it may constitute serious misconduct, unlawful behaviour or in some cases, even a criminal act.

Any community members engaging in unacceptable behaviour and conduct may face consequences for their study, employment, engagement, and/or appointment as applicable. Please refer to the University Behaviour Policy (Governance and Accountability 6.4) and University Behaviour Procedure (Governance and Accountability 6) for more information.

Specific behaviours that are inappropriate and not tolerated by the University include:

  • unlawful discrimination
  • conduct which offends, humiliates or intimidates (based on certain attributes)
  • vilification
  • bullying
  • victimisation
  • making vexatious, malicious and/or frivolous complaints
  • sexual misconduct (which includes sexual harassment and sexual assault)

Raising concerns and seeking support

All members of our University community are encouraged to raise concerns, report inappropriate behaviour, and seek support as required with the Safe and Fair Community Unit.

As community members, we need to hold each other accountable for our actions and actively support those who experience inappropriate behaviour, when it is safe to do so. If you require any additional assistance or support to help you keep safe and well during your time here, we have a range of services and initiatives available.

A safe and respectful University community is everybody’s responsibility.

All University students are automatically entitled to access the services of the Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA) and the Union’s Student Representative Council (SRC). The TUSA provides you with a wide range of support and assistance including independent advocacy, study issues, as well as financial counselling and assistance.

Behaviour Contact Officers (BCOs) are also available to assist university community members as a first point of contact for anyone experiencing perceived adverse behaviour by others, while at work or study. BCOs are trained by the Equal Opportunity Commission and have an understanding of different types of inappropriate behaviour, such as discrimination, harassment, unwanted sexual behaviour and bullying.

Seek support for your personal safety and security by contacting the University Safety and Security team to report an immediate problem or to request a Security escort. For Emergencies call 000 to request Police, Fire or Ambulance services. If you are on campus, you can contact your local campus Safety and Security team via:

Launceston +61 3 6324 3336
Hobart +61 3 6226 7600
Cradle Coast +61 3 6324 3336
Rozelle +61 402 696 321

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