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Study Roadmap

Study Week

Well done for reaching Study Week (SWOT VAC). This semester the examination period is from Saturday October 24 - Tuesday November 10.  By now you should know exactly how your exams will be run.  If you don’t know you can access your personal exam timetable under the Exam Information tab in eStudent, and checking back over any emails your teaching staff may have sent you about the exam period can be helpful.

Tips for your upcoming exams:

  • Read through the Exam Instructions which will explain the rules and what you should do in case of illness, accidents or special circumstances
  • Remember to have your current student ID card with you for all exams
  • Find exam locations in advance
  • Arrive early
  • Manage your time during the exam
    • Official reading time is 15 minutes (you can use this time to write notes)
    • Read all instructions carefully
    • How many questions need to be answered?  How many marks is the paper worth?
    • How many minutes should you allocate per mark?
    • How many marks and how much time should you spend on each question?