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University Counselling Service

We provide a free therapeutic counselling service to students enrolled at the University of Tasmania. Our team consists of experienced psychologists and social workers working across 5 locations in Australia.

All of our counsellors are available for phone and video counselling sessions. We also offer face to face counselling and psychological support, therapeutic groups, counselling sessions via email and instant chat, self-help materials and online learning modules. The team is engaged with a number of health and wellbeing promotion events across the University and work closely with University staff and services to ensure the best support is available to students.

Elysia Chase

Sandy Bay 

Elysia has experience in the disability, mental health and educational sectors. She offers phone and Skype counselling as well as face to face counselling from the Sandy Bay Office. She takes a trauma informed approach to therapy and draws on a range of evidenced based treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing. Elysia helps her clients understand their inherent strengths and resources, building skills to understand and maintain mental wellness.

Beth (Elizabeth) Suthers

Rozelle & Darlinghurst

Beth is based at the UTAS Campuses in Sydney, working at Rozelle four days and Darlinghurst one day per week. She is a social worker with significant previous experience working in health and community organisations. She works as both a counsellor and student adviser and enjoys working with students to meet their study goals and enhance their personal wellbeing.

David Warrener

Newnham, Cradle Coast & Sandy Bay

Dave Warrener is based at Newnham, with regular visits to Sandy Bay and Cradle Coast. He offers individual counselling and is involved in several community engagement and health wellbeing projects that include managing mental health, and grief and loss. Dave has served the Aboriginal community for many years mainly through counselling, community development, advocacy and on issues of social justice and education. He currently also works with Riawunna. Dave looks forward to working with you to be the very best you possibly can be, and for you to reach your goals by empowerment and education.

Donna Harris

Sandy Bay & Hobart City

Donna is an experienced psychologist who has worked at the University of Tasmania for the past 10 years. She has a wide variety of experience including in-patient psychiatry settings, chronic pain management and private practice. Donna enjoys working with students to help them find practical and psychological strategies to manage mental health issues and study/life balance. She works using various evidence based psychological interventions but her main goal in session is to develop a positive working relationship to improve how students cope with day to day stresses.

Iona Green

Sandy Bay & Hobart City

Iona is a social worker who has been supporting students at the university for over 12 years. Her career has also included time as a school social worker, hospital social worker, child protection and child welfare roles, both here and interstate. This experience stands her in good stead to provide a warm, caring approach, working with students to build their strengths and resilience to cope with any issues that life presents. Whilst at the university, Iona has also provided extensive training and consultation for students and staff in the areas of wellbeing and mental health

Jessie Armitage

Sandy Bay & Hobart City

Jessie is a trained Psychologist, providing counselling support for a broad range of presenting difficulties. She aims to help each person utilise their strengths and further develop resources to foster mental wellness and achieve goals. Her techniques are informed by the fields of cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness, schema therapy and positive psychology. In addition to individual therapeutic services at the Sandy Bay and Hobart City locations, Jessie runs Connections and Confidence groups, and is involved in wellbeing promotion initiatives across the university.

Julie Taylor

Cradle Coast

Julie is a Social Worker who has been part of the university counselling team for 15+ years. Offering face to face and phone counselling to University of Tasmania students at the Cradle Coast campus. Julie enjoys assisting/supporting students with transition at the beginning and end of their studies along with various life issues that impact on their tertiary education. Julie provides consultations to Academic and Professional staff in regards to assisting with concerns about students. She also undertakes various wellbeing activities and mental health training for both students and staff to assist in creating a healthy inclusive community.

Suna D’Eye

Sandy Bay & Hobart City

Suna is a Social Worker and the latest addition to the southern wellbeing team. She has lived and was educated in three different countries and has over 10 years experience as a Social Worker with the Education Department and Sexual Assault Support Service in Tasmania. Suna has a professional interest in trauma and attachment and is interested in how this can impact on individual coping and on relationships. Suna draws on several evidence-based interventions and value the relationship with the client as the most important part her work.

Tammy Miller


Tammy is a Social Worker and professional counsellor. She has over 10 years of experience in the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) field and has worked in the educational sector and in the provision of Employee Assistance (EAP) Counselling.  Tammy has an educational background with significant experience in the disability sector. Tammy works from a person-centred perspective with the aim of creating a caring, collaborative and respectful working relationship with each person. She strives to help each person who accesses counselling to work out what they would like from their counselling experience, so that she can help them to meet their goals. Her counselling is informed by a number of theories including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Systems Theory and Attachment Theory.

Emma Langley


Emma is a Provisional Psychologist who is currently undertaking her final placement of the Master of Psychology (Clinical). She provides phone and Skype therapy sessions, and face-to-face therapy sessions at the Newnham campus. Emma enjoys helping clients achieve positive outcomes relating to various mental health issues including low mood, anxiety, and stress. She uses evidence-based interventions and draws from experience in private practice and in the disability sector. Her professional interests include Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.