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If you would prefer to connect with a counsellor and receive support online, you can try online counselling or eCounselling.

Online counselling sessions are similar to face to face appointments, but instead of sitting in a room with your counsellor, you connect with them via your device as a video or instant chat counselling session. You can book an appointment online via AppointmentHub by booking a counselling appointment and selecting Skype as your mode of contact.

We also offer a limited number of email or eCounselling sessions. eCounselling involves asynchronous messaging, or emails during your appointment time. It is only available to current UTAS students and you must first complete a registration form, and then book a 'Personal Counselling by EMAIL' appointment through AppointmentHub. Access eCounselling.

Disadvantages of online counselling

  • If you are in a crisis, text based sessions such as instant chat or email are not recommended.
  • Your internet (or battery) quality can have a big impact on your session. Video sessions require the best connection but you can always drop back to audio only, or instant chat.
  • Typed conversation can be easily misinterpreted. It is hard to express how you feel, let alone doing it in text form.
  • Different people have different writing speeds so text counselling can get out of sync.

Advantages of online and eCounselling

  • You can connect to counselling at a location convenient to you. As long as you have internet connection, a reliable device and a private location where you can talk or type freely, you are good to go!
  • It can be much quicker to get an appointment as you can access all available appointment times across the counselling team.
  • There is greater choice of counsellor as you can connect with the whole team, rather than the local face to face team only.
  • We can quickly link you to resources and information.