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Student Success

Student Success is an outreach support service designed to help students learn about and access the full range of personal and learning support services at UTAS. The Student Success team is made up of specially trained current students who are successful in their own studies. Because they are current students, these Student Success Leaders have first-hand experience of what it's like to juggle the demands of study, work and family commitments. Their role is to help you achieve your potential to be successful at university.

A Student Success Leader may contact you by phone to welcome you to the University, to find out how you are going, and to offer advice, support and referral to other people or services. If you are new to Australia or studying your whole program by distance you will receive a special contact from a Student Success Leader because of the extra challenges you may be facing.

Student Success Leaders also outreach to students who may be struggling academically. You could also receive a call if you are enrolled in key first year units and you have:

  • Not accessed MyLO
  • Missed classes or not submitted assignments on time
  • Not passed or only just passed an assignment

While studying off campus has it’s advantages, there is always the risk of feeling disconnected from Uni Life and the Services that commonly operate on our campuses. The Student Success Team outreaches to our distance students to touch base, ensure they feel comfortable with MyLO and make sure they’re aware of the services available to them.

Please talk freely with the Student Success Leader; they will do their absolute best to help you. Student Success is funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

“I really appreciated Student Success’s supportive call helping me settle into uni life. I want to prove to myself that I can do this, so I’m happy in knowing they’re outreaching to students during stressful times.” – Zoe, Bachelor of Laws

Our Student Success Leaders

Become a Student Success Leader

The Student Success Leader positions are highly sought after due to the rewarding outreach work helping others, the ample opportunities for training and professional development, experience in real-world community engagement and the chance to work in a fun and supportive team. You'll also end up with a key point of distinction on your CV. Student Success operates from the Sandy Bay campus.

To be eligible to become a Student Success Leader, students should:

  • Have a positive attitude towards study, and a high level of interpersonal, time management, and organisational skills
  • Be available to work on the Sandy Bay campus
  • Be a team player and available to work around 8-hours per week between the hours of 10am – 8pm
  • Be a current University of Tasmania student, having completed a full year study load at UTAS
  • Feel comfortable connecting with others over the phone and having an online profile
  • Be able to attend ongoing training and professional development sessions

And have the following attributes:  

  • Enjoy meeting and communicating with a diverse range of people
  • A passion for university, including the wider university community
  • A thirst for broader knowledge of UTAS including academic, extra-curricular activities and support services
  • Friendly nature, ability to engage individuals and groups
  • Enjoy connecting with and helping others

Improve your communication, teamwork and leadership skills, meet new people, inspire and help others while developing lasting friendships and networks.

As the Student Success Leader positions attract a great deal of interest we strongly encourage applicants to visit the Career Peers prior to applying for assistance with their resume, addressing the selection criteria and developing strong interview skills.