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UniStart develops your academic skills for success at university. The course is free to all University of Tasmania students who are Australian citizens, permanent residents, or who hold a humanitarian visa.

UniStart gives you a head start by exploring what you need to know as a new university student.

If you are returning to study or beginning a new course and think you need to revise your skills, then UniStart is for you too.

It is available before semester begins.

Some of the topics covered in UniStart include:

  • Assignment writing and academic honesty
  • Critical thinking and writing
  • Tools and strategies for research
  • Learning online and accessing the online learning system call MyLO (My Learning Online)
  • What to do with lectures and how to take notes
  • Managing your study, work, life balance
  • Learning independently

For further information on UniStart please contact UniStart team at

What our students say:

UniStart was excellent for my confidence to start a university course for the first time explaining what is expected of students work.

Absolutely fantastic resource for student who need a refresher or have not studied for a while.
Very information and helpful.

It was extremely worthwhile even though I had studied at university before. Particularly useful for online students as you get to test run the system and library before the course starts. Puts you a few steps ahead rather than chasing your tail. The interaction with other students is nice too - especially for online students.

UniStart International

Many students find that study at the University of Tasmania is quite different from their previous education experiences in their home country. UniStart International is designed to assist with the process of studying in higher education in Australia.