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Agribusiness courses are industry-focused and designed for those who want to learn about running a successful agricultural-based business.

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Career opportunities

For new leaders to the agribusiness sector, roles including team leaders, field officers and researchers are likely.

For graduates already working in agriculture, this degree will enable you to progress from assistant positions to managerial roles, or become a field officer, research team member or salesperson.

Potential types of employers:

  • Upstream of the farm: suppliers of seed, fertiliser, chemicals, machinery, stockfeed, labour, finance, business advisory, transport, consultancy, and specialist services such as harvesting contractors.
  • Primary production: cropping, horticulture, animal-based enterprises, aquaculture, pharmaceuticals, wineries, farm-based tourism.
  • Downstream of the farm: processors and value-adders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, transport and storage operations, logistics, consultants.


Agricultural Consultant:
Future Demand

National Skills Commission: Skills Priority List June 2021


Sheep, Beef Cattle and
Grain Farming

Increase projected by 2024^


Horticultural Trades

Increase projected by 2024^

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