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Business Start-Up

Become a future business leader with life-long skills in management, marketing, and accounting.

The Graduate Diploma in Business Start-Up is designed for entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers. You'll develop the skills and knowledge to create your own successful business ventures.

Whether you're coming straight from an undergraduate degree or have some experience in the workforce, this course will help you turn your business ideas into viable ventures that will make a difference to our society and community.

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Graduate Diploma in Business Start-Up

1 year min, 3 years max
Hobart, Online CRICOS 104817E

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Learn from leading experts whose links with industry, professional associations, other academics and government ensure that their teaching remains contemporary and relevant.

Our island state is home to a vibrant start-up and small business community, and you’ll be uniquely placed to capitalise on our connections with local industry, start-up networks and innovation hubs.

Begin your journey towards an MBA or other postgraduate business courses.

Study options

Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

To innovate, you need to be able to think differently. In this unit, you’ll learn about the thinking tools that entrepreneurs use to create innovative products and build a thriving business.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Enterprise Communication

This hands-on skills-based unit will equip you with the knowledge and skills to successfully connect and professionally communicate as an entrepreneur. You'll learn through roleplaying, engagement with entrepreneurs, and by developing a personal plan for success.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Resource and Risk Management

As an entrepreneur, you are driven by the product or service you offer, finding your customers, and ensuring you outpace your competitors. This unit is designed to help you know the options for funding your new venture and to ensure you have the funds necessary. It will also help you identify, manage, and mitigate the major risks that your venture may face.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Accounting for Managers

Learn to use accounting techniques to enhance your decision making. You’ll learn how financial statement analysis impacts an organisation’s financial position, performance and cash flow. You’ll also explore other forms of corporate reporting, critically evaluating issues of ethics and corporate governance in business.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Corporate Sustainability

Learn how to think critically about the role of accounting in supporting sustainable development. You’ll examine the ways in which accounting can be used to generate positive social and environmental benefits for various stakeholders.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Fundamentals of Management

This unit will advance your understanding of fundamental management principles that can be applied in various organisational settings. You’ll explore management theory, research theory, and review case studies for the purpose of strengthening the ability to manage business problems through to solutions.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Foundations of Marketing

Develop your knowledge of what marketing is, how it works and why it's important in the business context. You’ll learn the key theories and concepts upon which the marketplace can be understood, assessed and targeted. Plus, you’ll develop the foundational knowledge and skills to manage the process through which a firm’s value is marketed to customers.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

New Product and Service Development

Commercialising innovative products and services on a timely basis is a key to not only profit, but in some industries, survival. This unit will develop your knowledge of how new product and new service development creates value for a firm and its stakeholders.

Core unit, 12.5 credit points.

Course breakdown

The Graduate Diploma in Business Start-Up comprises of the above eight core units (12.5 credit points each), to be completed over a minimum of two semesters.


Graduate Diploma in Business Start-Up

100 credit points

Core units include:

  • Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Communication
  • Resource and Risk Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Corporate Sustainability
  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Foundations of Marketing
  • New Product and Service Development

Career outcomes

In today’s rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment, the ability to launch innovative ideas and reshape the existing markets, or even create new ones, is critical. Possible career opportunities include:

  • entrepreneur/small business owner
  • an innovator within existing organisations

Percentage of Workforce in Start-Ups


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New digital and technical roles by 2023


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Tech startup contribution to GDP

$122 billion

AlphaBeta - Australia's Digital Opportunity (2019)

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