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Healthcare Redesign

Lead the change you want to see in the healthcare sector

A postgraduate course in Healthcare Redesign allows you to improve existing health services and processes, with a central goal of improving patient care.

This award-winning program^ gives you the leadership and project management skills to drive healthcare improvement through evidence-based solutions. You’ll learn about improvement theory and apply a suite of tools and techniques that encourage a problem-solving mindset.

Our courses will provide you with an opportunity to undertake health service improvement research, building on topics that are of interest to you . Whether you’re a practising health professional in a public, private, or not- for-profit organisation, or a healthcare administrator, you’ll develop the skills to lead your workplace into becoming more efficient and person-centred.

^2018, National Sustainable Healthcare Award (Education), for increasing understanding in students of sustainable health.

Course Options

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Redesign

1 year min, 3 years max, part-time only.

View course details Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Redesign

Graduate Diploma of Healthcare Redesign

2 years min, 5 years max, part-time only.

View course details Graduate Diploma of Healthcare Redesign

Master of Healthcare Redesign

3 years min, 7 years max, part-time only.

View course details Master of Healthcare Redesign

Healthcare Redesign MOOC

6 weeks

View course details Healthcare Redesign MOOC

Learn from award-winning educators and researchers.

Implement evidence-based solutions in your workplace.

Develop highly transferable skills.

Study options

Different pathways to suit your needs

Choose from a coursework, research or professional practice pathway, depending on your career goals.

Versatile electives

Study electives in global health, public health, systems thinking, leadership in health, risk management or leading and managing change in health and human services.

Become a critical evaluator

Our coursework is designed to develop your advanced problem solving and analytical skills to help 'diagnose' service delivery issues and inefficiencies.

Course breakdown

Three courses exist to give you the most flexibility. You can also get a free introduction to the Graduate Certificate content via the Healthcare Redesign MOOC.


Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Redesign

50 credit points

Core units
50 credit points

  • Clinical Redesign
  • Clinical Redesign Diagnostics and Analysis
  • Clinical Redesign Solutions and Implementation
  • Translational Research and Health Service Innovation


Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Redesign

100 credit points

Core units
100 credit points

  • Quality and Safety (A Patient Centered Approach)
  • Evaluating Health Interventions
  • Research Methods

1 Elective

  • Global Health Systems
  • Intro to Public Health
  • Systems Thinking in Public Health
  • Leading in Health and Human Services
  • Risk Management and Governance
  • Health Policy, Economics and Advocacy
  • Leading and Managing Change


Master of Healthcare Redesign

150 credit points

Core units
87.5 credit points

  • Clinical Redesign
  • Clinical Redesign Diagnostics and Analysis
  • Clinical Redesign Solutions and Implementation
  • Translational Research and Health Service Innovation
  • Healthcare Quality and Safety: A Patient-Centred Approach
  • Evaluating Health Interventions
  • Health Research Methods

Plus, a choice of specified electives
12.5 credit points

Then choose from one (1) of three pathways
37.5 to 50 credit points

  1. Coursework pathway
  2. Research pathway
  3. Professional practice pathway

Career outcomes

Learn about our healthcare redesign courses

Healthcare is fundamental to everybody, what clinical redesign is about is improving the healthcare service for patients. The initiatives explored in Healthcare Redesign may have a small scope, but the outcomes may have a much larger impact.

The healthcare industry is expected  to grow by over 15 percent over the next five years.* Clinical Redesign is for those looking to enhance their role as a healthcare professional with the ability to plan, implement and evaluate evidence-based healthcare/services improvements into practice. By consolidating and advancing communication, analysing data and leadership skills, students  will be able to build a more effective and efficient healthcare system.

*Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business five year projections from May 2019 to May 2024.

Projected number of new healthcare jobs


Five years to 2024

Full-time role share of employment market


In the healthcare industry

Percentage of unfilled vacancies in healthcare


In 2017/18 financial year, up from 34% in previous year

Entry information

Entry requirements

Entry requirements vary across courses. You'll find the requirements on our individual course pages. These can be accessed from Course Options, which is located above on this page.

We encourage you to apply for the courses you most want to study. If you're not eligible to enter your chosen course right now, our admissions team will work with you to find the best pathway option.

Credit for prior learning

The University of Tasmania aims to provide you with credit for approved prior study or equivalent professional experience which exceeds standard entrance requirements for courses. For more information please visit Recognition of Prior Learning.

English language requirements

For those applicants who are nationals of and currently residing in a country where English is not the official language, evidence of an IELTS or TOEFL test must be provided. For more information, please visit International Future Students.