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Combined Degrees

A combined degree gives you freedom and flexibility to explore two areas in depth, and graduate with broader expertise and increased job opportunities.

Why choose a combined degree?

Combined degrees (sometimes called double degrees) are an excellent way to combine your interests and customise your education.

  • Our combined degrees let you gain qualifications in two complementary or contrasting fields of study, which is great if you’re finding it hard to choose between your interests.
  • Most combined degrees are actually shorter to complete in comparison to studying each degree separately, which means you graduate sooner.
  • Our combined degrees are four or five years in length, with courses including honours six years.
  • Combined degrees can also be studied part-time.

Careers from combined degrees

Studying a combined degree also means you can aim for a specific career that requires dual expertise.

For example, studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts gives you the chance to combine a field like journalism with the arts, setting you up to pursue a career as an arts reporter. A Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Economics will give you excellent expertise to work in various areas of the business world. Combining Arts and Business will prepare you to become a skilled and knowledgeable marketer. There is a range of fantastic combinations available.