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TasTAFE Educator Scholarships

Take advantage of a professional development opportunity that provides university study covered by a HECS scholarship.

The University of Tasmania has formed an agreement with TasTAFE to deliver professional development opportunities for their teaching staff in a selected range of courses.

How do I qualify for a scholarship?

This opportunity is extended to all teaching staff who:

  • are employed by TasTAFE; and
  • are employed on a continuing basis (full-time and part-time) or who are on a fixed-term contract of 12 months or more; and
  • will continue to be employed by TasTAFE while undertaking the HECS scholarship units;
  • are eligible for a Commonwealth supported place under the HECS-HELP system (this applies to most people - see for eligibility guidelines); and
  • are not currently receiving any other University of Tasmania HECS scholarships.

Which courses attract full HECS scholarships?

Eligible TasTAFE employees have access to a full HECS scholarship (maximum 100% load) for 2017, in the following degrees:

How do I enrol?

There are a number of steps to get started on your study with the University of Tasmania and applying for the HECS scholarship, as follows:

  • Decide which course you are interested in - if you are unsure, contact the University Info Centre on 1300 363 864 or for information and course advice.
  • Submit your application
  • Once you have received your offer of a place, follow the instructions provided to accept the offer and arrange to attend a Ready for Uni workshop. Here you will receive necessary information and have the opportunity to complete your enrolment for the units you will be studying.
  • When completing your enrolment in eStudent you must also complete the Education Sector HECS scholarship application (accessed via the 'Finance & Scholarships' option listed on the top menu). You will be required to enter your name, email address and phone number, as well as your employer name and your staff ID number (to ensure eligibility, the university will verify your name and staff ID with your employer).
  • The closing date for application to this scholarship is the census date that is applicable to your enrolment.
  • Once you have applied for this scholarship, you are strongly advised to check that the scholarship deduction appears on your invoice on eStudent prior to the census dates, and your Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) post census date to ensure the waiver has been applied.

Requests to retrospectively apply this scholarship after the census date will not be accepted.

If you have been away from study for a number of years you should plan to attend UniStart, an introduction to study at the University of Tasmania. This four-day program takes place just prior to the start of each semester, and is also available online.

Need more information?

Please contact the University Info Centre on 1300 363 864 to discuss your options or to make an appointment with a Student Adviser. Alternatively, email