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TAFE Queensland Educator Program

Take advantage of a professional development opportunity that provides university study covered by a HECS scholarship.

The University of Tasmania has formed an agreement with TAFE Queensland to deliver professional development opportunities for their teaching staff in a selected range of courses.

How do I qualify for a scholarship?

This opportunity is extended to all teaching staff who:

  • are employed by TAFE Queensland; and
  • are employed on a continuing basis (full-time and part-time) or who are on a fixed-term contract of 12 months or more; and
  • will continue to be employed by TAFE Queensland while undertaking the HECS scholarship units;
  • are eligible for a Commonwealth supported place under the HECS-HELP system (this applies to most people - see for eligibility guidelines); and
  • are not currently receiving any other University of Tasmania HECS scholarships.

Which courses attract full HECS scholarships?

Eligible TAFE Queensland employees have access to a full HECS scholarship (maximum 100% load) for 2017, in the following degrees:

How do I enrol?

There are a number of steps to get started on your study with the University of Tasmania and applying for the HECS scholarship, as follows:

  • Decide which course you are interested in - if you are unsure, contact the University Info Centre on 1300 363 864 or for information and course advice.
  • Submit your application
  • Once you have received your offer of a place, follow the instructions provided to accept the offer and arrange to attend a Ready for Uni workshop. Here you will receive necessary information and have the opportunity to complete your enrolment for the units you will be studying.
  • Enrol in your Units in eStudent

How do I Apply for Scholarship?

  • The application of your Scholarship to your Course will be handled internally between Student Services and our Fees Unit. You do not need to take any action in this respect – except ensure you have recorded your TAFE QLD email address as your personal email, as this is the only way to identify potentially eligible students.
  • You will still need to submit your HECS-HELP (eCAF) for your Course online in eStudent. It is a Government requirement if studying in a HECS Supported Course – regardless of any Scholarship arrangement.

Need more information?

Please contact the University Info Centre on 1300 363 864 to discuss your options or to make an appointment with a Student Adviser. Alternatively, email