Work Ready Program

Get the skills you need to stand out.

About the Work Ready Program

Our Work Ready Program will prepare you for success at university and in your future career. Whilst studying full-time Professional Accounting at our Launceston campus, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits and opportunities of the program.

The Work Ready Program combines your Master of Professional Accounting degree with a guaranteed corporate internship placement, regular mentoring, work experience, networking and training opportunities as well as financial support to help you settle in during your first year of study.

Get the most out of your University experience, set yourself apart and give yourself an edge for future employment.

Read the full Terms and Conditions (PDF 274KB).

For more information or enquires, contact the Academic Program Coordinator –

Program benefits

Guaranteed corporate internship

Get a guaranteed place in our Corporate Internship Program. Not only will you gain a competitive advantage for employment, you’ll also achieve credit towards your degree. available both on campus and online.

Public speaking and English language support

Our regular, drop-in English sessions are a great way to improve your language skills and make friends. Use our public speaking club linkages to develop skills and make community contacts.

Academic Mentor

Stay on track with your studies, with one-on-one sessions with your Academic Mentor at least twice per semester.

Financial support

To help you settle into life in Launceston during your first year of study, you’ll receive $3,000 (split over each semester after census date in $1,500 instalments).

Employability training and networking opportunities

Gain access to a range of networking opportunities with employers and industry in the Employability Workshop series.

Frequently asked questions

The Work Ready Program is an employability program that comprises a guaranteed internship*, employability training and workshops, networking opportunities, English language support and extension opportunities, designated academic mentor and financial support.

*Subject to meeting required hurdles including participation, engagement and successful completion of tasks.

The Work Ready Program is not a credit awarded unit. Instead, the program is a parallel employability program facilitating your access to the guaranteed internship (which is a credit awarded unit).

Eligible students will be advised in their offer letter and will receive instructions on what is required to join the program.

Work Ready Program students receive financial support during their first year on campus in Launceston, to help them with initial expenses.

The Work Ready Program will develop your employability skills and work readiness, and provide you with a extra advantage to be competitive in the job market. It also offers significant networking opportunities and a range of other benefits.

Yes, both international and domestic students are eligible for the Work Ready Program.

Offshore students who are categorised as studying “on campus” are eligible to participate in the program (i.e. students who are not able to study on-campus until borders reopen). The program includes special classes for offshore students, including English classes, employability workshops, and the option to complete your internship online.

The Work Ready program is a parallel employability program which involves active participation in a number of sessions designed to equip students for completion of their internship and readiness for employment. The unit structure of the MPA incorporates one unit devoted to Employability and one unit devoted to a corporate internship

To ensure the best outcomes for students, program participants will be expected to actively participate in at least 80% of program activities, unless written exemption is provided by the Program Coordinator [].

As long as you have been accepted to the Master of Professional Accounting in Launceston, all you need to do to participate in the program is to commit to the program requirements.

Yes, every student is guaranteed an internship if they meet Work Ready Program requirements (see workload requirements above). While we will do our best to place students in their preferred field or industry sector, this may not always be possible, however all internships will meet our Program experiential learning requirements.

You will be placed in an organisation and assigned work projects, assignments and related duties determined in consultation between yourself, the Host organisation and the Program Coordinator. Attendance (usually 1 day per week for 11 weeks) and assessment requirements must be met to pass the unit BAA708 Corporate Internship.

No, the program is only available to commencing students.

Yes, provided you are a commencing student.

Yes, you are still eligible for financial support even if you have already received a scholarship for your studies.

While the program runs across the whole course, different elements of the program occur during different times. For example, the internship occurs during the second year of study and the financial support is offered during the first semesters on campus provided active participation is maintained (see Workload Requirements above).

International students will receive weekly English language support classes that focus on communication skills in preparation for entering the workplace. These classes are aligned with MPA content and will help you to develop your awareness of Australian culture. All students will be expected to attend 80% of these classes and will receive a certificate of achievement on successful completion of the language program. You will also receive free membership to Rostrum where you can develop your public speaking skills.

No. The program is only open to on-campus students, or for students temporarily studying online until borders reopen.

Subject to the approval of the Program Coordinator, part-time students may be eligible to participate in the program. Queries should be directed to John Streeter

No, it is not compulsory to be in the Work Ready Program. You will be able to opt in or opt of the program.

No, the Work Ready Program must be taken up in the year it is made available.

Launceston students will be enrolled into the work ready program, which is an optional but parallel employability program. Every student is guaranteed an internship if they meet Work Ready Program requirements.