Dr James Hamilton

James received his B.Eng and PhD degrees from Monash University, Australia (2004) and the University of Tasmania, Australia (2017). He has worked extensively across the renewable energy sector, and is currently a senior research fellow with the Centre for Renewable Energy and Power Systems within the University of Tasmania.

Tasmania is host to some of the world’s most advanced island power systems, with James’ research focus exploring diesel-based enabling technologies for improved renewable utilisation. His work addresses the key barrier for islanded power systems to adopt clean energy technologies, offering improved renewable diesel pairing. His contributions can be seen across Asia Pacific, within many remote and isolated power systems, as they position in preparation for battery storage integration. James is also a director of Renewable Ready, and holds considerable industry experience within the sector.

Through support of the Fulbright Commission and the Kinghorn Foundation James is advancing diesel-based application within North America, with an immediate focus of Hawaii and Alaskan communities.