Family and Travel

Most international students require a student visa to study at the University of Tasmania.

You must obtain your visa before arriving in Australia, so please make sure you allow enough time for visa processing when deciding on your course start date.

Visa application process

Evidence of your intended study must be provided to make a valid application. Unless you are in a special category listed below, you must provide:

  • a Confirmation of Enrolment(CoE) for all intended courses if applying outside Australia.
  • a CoE or letter of offer for all intended courses if applying in Australia (a CoE must be provided before the visa can be granted).

Special categories

  • Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade sponsored – provide a letter of support
  • Australian Department of Defence sponsored – provide a letter of support
  • secondary exchange student – provide an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student form
  • postgraduate research student required to remain in Australia for marking of your thesis – provide a letter from your education provider.

Bringing your family

You must declare your family members in your student visa application even if they do not plan to travel with you to Australia. If you do not do this, your family members will not be eligible for a student visa to join you in Australia.

Your family members can also apply as a subsequent entrant (at a later time, separate from your application) in ImmiAccount.

Please note that the University of Tasmania is not able to help with your application and has no influence on the application process.

Getting advice

While we can give you some general advice about your student visa, we are not trained migration agents. If you have any questions about student visas, non-student visas or spousal visas, you should contact the Department of Home Affairs for advice.