2022 Commencing International Student Launceston Accommodation Support

Terms and Conditions

The University of Tasmania (University) is offering Eligible Students the '2022 Commencing International Student Launceston Accommodation Support' which provides a 50% discount on accommodation to support students in their first year of studies at the University.

    1. Subject to their application being approved and room availability, Eligible Students will receive a 50% discount on up to the total of their 1st year accommodation fees in respect of nominated University-owned or controlled accommodation (University Accommodation).
    2. To be eligible, the student will need to have signed a lease with a duration of a minimum of 21 weeks and a maximum of 42 weeks.
    3. Eligible Students will be subject to the University's standard process for applying for University Accommodation through https://www.utas.edu.au/student-living/future-residents/apply
    4. University Accommodation discounts are applicable in respect of University Accommodation which comprises:
      1. a single room;
      2. located in Launceston; and
      3. subject to the standard University tenure documentation, being either 42 weeks for a full academic year or 21 weeks for a single semester only (that is, it will not extend to any extended tenure over 2022/2023 summer holidays).
    5. Rooms will be allocated according to availability at the University's absolute discretion.
    6. Eligible Students must formally accept their Offer of Accommodation by the nominated expiry date on the offer.
    7. University Accommodation discounts are not reimbursable for cash and are not transferable.
    8. If the Eligible Student breaches a material term of their Lease then the University reserves the right to revoke this discount.
    1. This promotion is available to Eligible Students who have accepted an offer to commence study in an Eligible Course in any study period during 2022.
    2. To be considered an 'Eligible Student' persons must satisfy all the following criteria:
      1. be classified as an 'full time full fee paying overseas student' as defined under the Application rules of the University of Tasmania;
      2. currently on a valid visa that gives them study rights;
      3. by the commencement of their Semester, have accepted an offer in an Eligible Course;
      4. be commencing their first year at the University of Tasmania in their Eligible Course:
        1. in 2022, with no deferral;
        2. on a full-time basis; and
        3. attending onshore at the University's Launceston campus;
      5. not be a Non-Eligible Student.
    3. Non-Eligible Students include:
      1. International Students who are in receipt of another accommodation scholarship from the University; and
      2. current continuing International Students and other University students.
    4. Eligible Courses include all Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) registered Bachelor and Master coursework programs and English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) leading to coursework programs taught at the University's Launceston campus.
    5. Non-Eligible Courses include the following University courses:
      1. all non-coursework courses including Research by Higher Degree and Master by Research;
      2. all courses that are 100% distance only for the duration of the course;
      3. All Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas except for those that are part of packaged offers leading to Master by Coursework.
      4. English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) which are not part of a packaged program leading to a coursework program.
    6. This promotion is only available to applicants that have paid their first Semester's tuition in full and have no sanctions imposed.
  3. Application of discount
    1. The 50% discount will be applied as credits on rental payments as follows:
      1. for leases of 21 weeks, in February
      2. for leases of more than 21 weeks, credits will be applied on an equal basis in February and July
    2. In the event that a lease is terminated early for whatever reason, the University reserves the right to retain payments to cover the portion of credits already applied, on a pro rata basis.
    The following acts may result in the support being revoked immediately by the University:
    1. if the Eligible Student breaches any of the University's Ordinances, policies and/or procedures; or
    2. if the Eligible Student does not remain enrolled full-time in their Eligible Course.
    1. Recipients of the Commencing Student Launceston Accommodation Support authorise the University of Tasmania to use, reproduce, and/ or publish their image, their name and story in relation to the scholarship without compensation.
    2. Applicants who accept the support consent to becoming ambassadors for the University of Tasmania for the duration of their degree at the University of Tasmania without compensation. This includes:
      1. assisting with marketing initiatives by positively representing the University of Tasmania;
      2. sharing their positive university experiences with future students;
      3. participating in recruitment activities; and
      4. appearing in University of Tasmania promotional materials if requested.
    3. The University will deal with all personally identifying information that a student provides to it in accordance with its Privacy Statements and Privacy Policy.
    4. Eligible students may contact the University in relation to their personal information that the University holds by contacting the International Student Recruitment Team at Your.Study@utas.edu.au or calling +61 (3) 62266200.
    1. Eligible Students release and discharge the University from any and all, actions, proceedings, obligations and liabilities (whether actual or contingent and whether based in negligence or any other form of legal liability) and all damages, costs and expenses (including on a solicitor and own client basis) which may exist against the University arising directly or indirectly from the Eligible Student accepting a package offer.
    2. To the full extent permitted by law, all conditions and warranties imposed or implied by law in respect of the state, quality or condition of the goods and services which may apart from this clause be binding on the University are excluded.
  7. Variation of Terms and Conditions
    1. The University reserves the right to update or amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. The University will provide notice of any changes to these terms and conditions in writing if it deems it necessary and practical.
    2. If any of these terms are or become invalid, at our option, the relevant part is severed, and does not affect the validity of the remaining parts. Neither of us, nor a student, is (nor can a student represent themselves to be) an employee, partner, agent or other representative of the other. A waiver must be in writing & signed. We don't waive a right if we fail to or delay exercising it.
    1. Procedure for dispute resolution
      1. the parties agree that a dispute arising under this Agreement will be dealt with as follows, and that neither party will commence legal proceedings in relation to that dispute until this procedure is completed:
      2. the party claiming that there is a dispute will give the other party a notice setting out the nature of the dispute;
      3. within 10 business days, or such other period as agreed by the parties in writing, each party will nominate a representative not having any prior involvement in the dispute and the representatives will try to settle the dispute by direct negotiation between them;
      4. failing settlement within a further 10 business days, or such other period as agreed by the parties in writing (or failure of one or both parties to nominate a representative within a period of 10 business days), the parties agree to refer the dispute for mediation by a Mediator appointed by the Law Society of Tasmania for final resolution.
    2. Each party will bear its own costs of complying with clause 7.1.
    3. Despite the existence of a dispute, the parties will continue to perform their obligations under these terms and conditions.
    1. All support packages are awarded at the University's discretion.
    2. The University of Tasmania reserves the right to revoke any package at any time if a student is found to have provided information that is false or misleading, does not meet the package eligibility criteria (including admission requirements), or does not comply with the ongoing package conditions.
    3. Students must observe the University's rules of conduct and behaviour otherwise this discount may be revoked immediately.
    4. The University excludes all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.
    5. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Tasmania.

Enquiries should be directed to: Your.Study@utas.edu.au

Download the terms and conditions here (PDF 161.9 KB).