Senior Indigenous Research Scholarships

Commencing in 2018 , this program seeks to strengthen Aboriginal engagement at the University of Tasmania by providing opportunity for senior Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to undertake higher degree research projects of importance to Aboriginal communities, particularly the palawa people of Tasmania. It provides a supportive pathway for Indigenous research, offering supervision from experienced Aboriginal researchers tailored to the individual needs of the candidate, ongoing skill-development workshops, and a generous stipend for the duration of the candidature (3 years for PhD, 2 years for MRes).

Topics which may be undertaken include, but are not restricted to: biographies and histories of Aboriginal people; organisations or communities; language; health; law; social or economic development; land; sea and; cultural resource management.

Applications are expected to open in the second quarter of 2022

Drafting and Submitting Your Application

There are a number of stages which are required in order to prepare and submit your application, a checklist for this process may be found here (DOCX 23.0 KB). The first task is to formulate a research topic and project which is relevant to Aboriginal communities and is appropriately sized to the selected program (PhD or MRes, for the difference please see here). Within this stage it is important to both align your research topic to a relevant discipline (e.g. sociology or history), consider which methods and methodology to be adopted (e.g. surveys, quantitative or qualitative) and ensure it is achievable within the time allotted time period (not too large or small). We recommend speaking with the HDR Support Person from the Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Aboriginal Leadership (see below for contact details) or an academic known to you who may be able to assist you in this regard.

For the application process itself, there this an initial expression of interest to submit and if this is approved, you may then prepare your research proposal and application (see Apply Now). The research proposal is a short two-page pitch for your project, outlining why it is important, how it will be undertaken and what it will seek to achieve. A set of resources are provided below to assist you to complete your proposal, including some proposals for research completed by Aboriginal researchers at the University of Tasmania. For further information, we recommend Social Research Methods edited by Distinguished Professor Maggie Walter.

Research Proposal Template (DOCX 799.6 KB)

Research Proposal A (DOCX 822.2 KB)

Research Proposal B (DOCX 800.7 KB)

Research Proposal C (DOCX 800.8 KB)

For more Information

Please contact the Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aboriginal  Leadership for further information regarding Higher Degrees by Research (HDR):

Mr. Huw Peacock (MRes)
Telephone: 0482028283