What if I don't get into the course that I want to study?

Don't worry. We have a range of alternative pathways to get you where you want to be. Read about these below.

Enabling and supporting programs

These provide you with subject prerequisites, if you have not successfully completed these in years 11 & 12. They also build your academic skills.

To find out what programs are available, please follow this link to the Pathways to university.

Associate degrees

Our associate degrees are shorter and have more flexible study options. They are a formal qualification in their own right, but can also be used as a pathway into a bachelor's degree.

Related bachelor degrees

These can be pathways into the course that you want to study. For example, one year of a Bachelor of Arts may be undertaken as a way of building your academic profile to assist an application for a Bachelor of Laws in the following year.

Non-university pathways that can help you be accepted include:

  • Year 13
  • TAFE study
  • Accredited training programs
  • Relevant work experience.