Schools Recommendation Program

No matter what happens, we have a place for you at the University of Tasmania.

Together with schools, we've introduced a program to help year 12 students get ahead.

You can apply now for our exciting, diverse courses and secure your place early for 2022.

Some courses, called quota courses, are highly competitive and work differently. Read more below.

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Your offer will be based on your ATAR/UCAT, and not through the Schools Recommendation Program. Please note applications close on 30th September at 23.59 AEST.


Your offer will be based on your ATAR, and not through the Schools Recommendation Program. Please note applications close on 30th September at 23.59 AEST.

Nursing courses

If you’re studying in Tasmania, you’ll be assessed based on your ATAR. If you’re studying in Sydney, you’ll be assessed as part of the Schools Recommendation Program. Please note applications close on 31st October at 23.59 AEST.

Bachelor of Health Science (Medical Radiation Science)

You can apply to study Medical Radiation Science from 31 May. Your offer will be based on your ATAR, and not through the Schools Recommendation Program.

Don't worry. You can get in touch with your case manager to discuss changing your preferences.

This program works as an alternate means of entry alongside the ATAR and the Certificate of Education.

We recommend you continue with your planned course of study. Your ATAR may allow you to qualify for a greater range of study options. It will also ensure you’re are assessed for academic merit-based tuition scholarships.

Applicants must be:

  • In year 12 in 2021
  • Completing a Certificate of Education, or the International Baccalaureate (IB) at a High School or Secondary College
  • Be intending to complete their final year of study, undertaking exams, where offered, for all chosen subjects

If you don’t meet the criteria for an early offer, you may be offered a pathway program. These will ensure you are well supported to complete your chosen bachelor’s degree in the same timeframe.

We will contact you to discuss your options after your application has been assessed.

Students apply online directly to the University of Tasmania via our eApplication portal.

Applications for 2022 are now open and will be closing on 31st October 2021.

Once you submit your application, you’ll be provided the contact details of a person in our team. They will be your single point-of-contact throughout the remainder of the year.

Your contact can answer any questions that you or your parents may have.

Please use an email address you check regularly that is not a school-allocated account. School accounts usually expire at the end of the year and we don’t want you to miss out on any important information.

You can select five preferences within the program. These can include any combination of courses that will be eligible for early offers and quota courses. However, quota courses are not applicable for an early offer.

You can only receive one offer at a time but you can then move new preferences above your current offer to be considered for another offer. Students can receive up to five offers in total.

As we recognise and respect your teachers’ insights into your learning, progress and achievements, they will help us provide the best overall evaluation, taking into account more than just formal assessments that would calculate your ATAR. Criteria for the program will include factors such as your Year 11 results, and an assessment of capabilities and the perspectives of those who have taught you most recently.

For some of our courses, there may be subjects that you need to study in school. These are called prerequisites. You’ll be advised in your offer letters if there are any prerequisite subjects for your chosen degree. If you aren't doing the required subject in Year 12, don't worry, we offer foundation units so you can catch up before you start.

You can learn more about and choose foundation units offered for Semester 2. 2022 units for Semester 1 will be available later in the year. For more information, refer to foundation units.

If you’re applying for a course such as Music, Fine Arts or Theatre and Performance, you may need to provide a portfolio or undertake an online audition. Your university contact will be in touch to discuss this.

Successful applicants will receive their official offers from 16 July, once recommendations have been received from your school.

If you’re not successful for your first preference, you will be considered for another preference or receive an offer to a pathway program.

Key dates for students including offer round dates are below or download our handy timeline document (PDF 1.1MB).

Applications open 31 - May
Round 1 applications close 18 - June
*Get your application in by 18 June to be eligible for a first round offer
Round 1 offers 16 - 19 July
Round 2 offers 13 - August
Round 3 offers 10 - September

Round 4 offers
*Applications can be submitted until 31 October, and offers will continue to be released in rounds, up until 10 December 2021

8 - October
Round 5 offers 5 - November
Final Round offers 10 - December

Download our handy timeline document (PDF 1.1MB)

You can potentially receive one offer in every offer round if you change your preferences before each offer round. Make sure that the new course you want to be assessed for is your first preference.

You’ll need to finish your year 12 studies. There may also be some conditions to offers, which your university contact will be able to discuss with you. You may also have conditions to pass specific subjects in Year 12 if your chosen degree has pre-requisites. This will be outlined in your offer letter.

Yes, the usual processes for accommodation and scholarships will apply.

Applications for Accommodation will open 31 May.

Scholarships will open at the start of August.

If you have further enquiries, your university contact is a great person to help you with these.

Yes. Deferrals are available on a request basis through your university contact.

They are valid for one year.

Due to Australian privacy laws, information about a student’s application through the Recommendation Program will not be disclosed to a third party without written and signed consent.

Applicants (year 12 students) can contact their university contact to request a ‘consent to release’ form. This must be completed by a parent/guardian, then signed by the student and returned to the University. This will then be stored on file and both the student and his or her nominees can discuss the application with the University.

If a parent/guardian is not listed as an authorised person on the application, unfortunately we will not be permitted to disclose any information.

Deadlines for schools for submit recommendations

Round 12 - July
Round 230 - July
Round 327-  August
Round 424 - September
Round 522 - October
Final Round26 - November

Assessments by university admissions

Round 13 - 15 July
Round 22 - 12 August
Round 330 August - 9 September
Round 4 27 September - 7 October
Round 525 October - 4 November
Final Round29 November - 9 December

Please contact us via the 'Who can I contact for further information?' section above.

Yes, you’re automatically assessed for entry into the Catalyst Program when you apply to study with us and we will contact you to confirm your eligibility closer to semester start.

Yes. You can enter the double degree you’re interested in when you apply. Learn more at double degrees.

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