There's more to studying than your ATAR score

Imagine not having to sweat over your ATAR score when applying for a university place.

We hear you, which is why the University of Tasmania allows you to apply for your course of choice from the end of June, rather than having to wait until after end of year exams.

Our Schools Recommendation Program allows year 12 students to apply for up to five courses from the middle of the year, based on your school’s recommendation, which can factor in year 11 results and other considerations.

Because we know that few people know your academic capabilities better than your teachers.

And while completing year 12, sitting your final exams and gaining an ATAR score are still a requirement, receiving an offer from us between August and November can take a lot of the pressure off during exam time.

Preferred avenue to university for year 12 students in Tasmania

Around 85% of year 12 students who applied for the University of Tasmania in 2022 used the Program.

Take the pressure off during exam time

Receive an offer before your final exams and before you receive your ATAR result.

Simple to apply for

And if you get stuck, we are here to support you through the application process.

The Director of the University’s Peter Underwood Centre and Chair of Academic Senate, Professor Natalie Brown said entry through the Program provided surety and eased the pressure on year 12 students.

“We have found that the certainty they have about their immediate future means they are less anxious, which assists with their academic performance,” she said.

Bachelor of Fine Arts student Eva Lawrence applied through the Program in 2021 on the recommendation of her college, saying the process was incredibly simple and there was plenty of support to help those who needed it.

“I thought this option was a great way to alleviate some of the pressure of exams knowing they cause me a lot of stress and that I would receive an offer before my final exams and my ATAR,” Eva said.

“Receiving the early university offer completely changed the way I felt about finishing year 12. It made my final year of college much more enjoyable and meant I was able to balance a much healthier school, work and social lifestyle.”

Making access to university easier

“We’re seeing the impact of removing barriers to education, and we are also seeing stronger academic results,” Professor Brown said. “The first cohort of students who came to university through the Program has completed their first year and their academic progress is better than prior cohorts who came in largely through the ATAR system.”

Low or no ATAR

The number of students commencing at university with a low or no ATAR was 23% higher.

Open to all Australian year 12 students

the Program is helping to attract record numbers from the mainland, up 10% in 2022.

Available courses

All undergraduate courses except Medicine, Paramedicine and Medical Radiation, are available under the SRP.

Popular courses

If you’re in year 12 and want to take some of the stress out of the end of the year, consider applying for the Schools Recommendation Program.

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