Design Thinking Experience

An intensive 3-day workshop where you will learn the principles of Design Thinking in a practical setting.

3 days
Face to Face

About this course

Design Thinking is recognised globally as the new way to foster innovation within organisations and individuals. This highly energetic 3-day workshop will give you the practical knowledge behind the principles of Design Thinking, including the key tools, and terminology.

Hands-on and practical, you will ‘learn-by-doing’ in this course, including the opportunity to collaborate with your peers on real projects. This course is guaranteed to make you step out of your comfort zone, discover fresh ideas and learn innovative ways of thinking outside of the office cubicle.

At the end of this course, you will also gain access to Echo's global network of innovators where you can connect with thousands of like-minded people from around the world.

Who should do this course?

The Design Thinking Experience has been developed to provide you with the tools you can apply in any context or profession as a means of improving collaboration, productivity or paving the way to workplace innovation. This course is ideal for professionals who:

  • Wish to learn the basic concepts of design thinking and innovation;
  • Discover a new model of collaborative and remote work;
  • Work in a startup or large company, and want to promote innovative in their business;
  • Looking to promote positive change in culture and adopt a more innovative business  model;
  • Wish to innovate and create solutions for the challenges of our new emerging world.

Course Structure

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the value of the design approach for solving complex problems in practice, within the scope of business and society.
  • Appropriate the values, mindset, and basic tools of the design thinking approach for application in personal or professional projects.
  • Use principles and tools to exercise empathy, collaborate and create prototypes in an agile way to test ideas that are adherent to people's needs.
  • Expand your worldview for a more systemic understanding of the challenges addressed.

What you will learn

The Design Thinking Experience consists of an intensive three-day workshop with area experts that will guide your understanding of the design thinking methodology as well as provide the tools in which to adopt and apply the design thinking mindset. The participatory workshop environment will enable you to immerse yourself in the learning process, together with your fellow learners.

There are no assessments required to complete this course, and participants will receive an electronic certificate you can share via your social networks.

Learn how to successfully innovate and lead change through design thinking.

Discover how to adopt a mindset to solve complex problems and improve work productivity.

Learn practical ways to revolutionise team work, collaboration and empathy awareness.

Build your confidence to create new products, services or business models.

Meet your instructors

Echos School of Design Thinking

Echos School of Design Thinking was created for innovators, entrepreneurs and organisations who wish to be at the frontier of innovation. Originally launched in Brazil, the School has been offering Design Thinking Experience courses in a number of locations across Australia since 2011.

More than 12,000 people have participated in various workshops across the country. The School aims to develop a new generation of innovators who will transform the world one creative mindset at a time.

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