Geodata Analytics: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental skills of data analytics, such as data management, data preparation and image analysis and segmentation. Register now and start anytime.

42 hours
8 Feb - 19 March

* Due to the popularity of this course places are limited.

About this course

Geodata Analytics: Fundamentals will provide you will the essential knowledge and skills to get started in the Geodata Analytics series.

This fully online, self-paced course will cover a range of industry-relevant topics including: understanding basic statistics, databases and exploratory data analysis, classification and querying of database queries, and image analysis and segmentation.

You will also learn about data formats and data preparation such as filtering and transformation, and learn from peer-review literature and a case study involving data analytics.

Successful completion of all assessments in this course series will make you eligible to recieve credit into the Master of Economic Geology. For more information please contact and/or refer to Geodata Analytics flyer.

What you will learn

Examine the foundational concepts of digital health that support health, including data and information, technology, governance, and policy.

Explain complex healthcare problems, at an abstract level, from a digital health perspective.

Determine the local, national and global impacts of digital health on complex healthcare environment.

Identify the social, political, environmental, and economic scenarios related to digital health.

Meet your instructors

Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson

Dr Kerryn Butler-Henderson is the Associate Professor of Digital Health, where she oversees digital health curriculum integration across all health programs and provides leadership in the postgraduate eHealth program. She is internationally recognised for her research expertise in digital health workforce and capabilities, leading several funded research projects. Professionally, Kerryn holds several national and international positions, including President Elect of the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations and Director of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health.

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