Geodata Analytics: Collaboration, Interpretation and Communication

Gain hands-on with geoscience datasets as you and your team work together to solve real-world a geological problem.

60 hours
26 Sep - 16 Oct

About this course

Geodata Analytics: Collaboration, interpretation and communication is the final course in the Geodata Analytics Series. In this advanced course, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience using a variety of geoscience datasets. Working in small groups, you will be presented with a geological problem to work through and solve, using the analytical skills you have learnt over the previous courses in the series.

Each problem will be based on a real-world industry issue, such as ‘Identify prospective areas in mineral exploration environment’, or ‘Determine ways to predict rock properties around a mine’

As a group, you will integrate your analyses and findings and contribute to an online seminar.

Successful completion of all assessments in this course series will make you eligible to receive credit into the Master of Economic Geology. For more information please contact

Who should do this course?

This course is designed for mineral industry professionals and under-employed industry professionals looking to increase their skills and knowledge.

All participants must complete Geodata Analytics: Fundamentals before registering for the next courses in this series; Geodata Analytics: Methods and Tools and Geodata Analytics: Collaboration, Interpretation and Communication.

Course Structure

This course is fully online and includes a mixture of self-paced and collaborative group learning.  As a general guide, we recommend allocating 40 hours of study time to complete this course. You will have access to all course materials until January 2023.

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing this course.

What you will learn

Develop and present appropriate workflows for reproducibly analysing geoscience data.

Demonstrate the use of computer-assisted interpretation to assist with the analysis of geoscience data.

Develop new findings aligned with project aims (but not previously recognised in literature or other sources) from data analysis.

Explain data analysis outcomes so as to be readily understandable to non-specialists in data analytics.

Meet your instructors

Dr Matthew Cracknell

Dr Matthew Cracknell is a Lecturer in Geodata Analytics for the Discipline of Earth Sciences and the Centre for Ore Deposit and Earth Sciences (CODES). Matt is heavily involved in teaching across all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate learning and is passionate about promoting deep engagement and facilitating place-based learning opportunities. In recent years, he has developed undergraduate and postgraduate learning opportunities that encompassing all stages of the mining value chain, through environmental geophysics and the emerging field of Geodata Analytics.

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