Diversity and Inclusion

Develop skills and increase your awareness of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Register now and start anytime.

10 hours
Anytime until 11 November

About this short course

Diversity is about what makes each of us unique. This includes the things that make us who we are, such as our backgrounds, personality, life experiences and beliefs. Inclusion occurs when people feel, and are, valued and respected. Together, diversity and inclusion make up two of the most critical elements of any workplace that regards itself as equitable, professional and considerate of best practice.

On completion of this course, you will be able to develop and analyse your awareness of culture, gender and disability, explain the many benefits of a diverse workforce and apply strategies that enable inclusion.

Who should do this course?

The course is designed for people who want to develop the skills and strategies that enable inclusion and increase their awareness of diversity, in addition to learning about the many benefits of working in environments that value and respect individual differences.

Course Structure

This self-directed course provides 10 hours of quality learning. On completion you will be able to:

Explain the benefits of inclusive and diverse working environments.

Develop and analyse your awareness of diversity and inclusion.

Apply strategies and techniques that enable for inclusion and embrace diversity.

Meet your instructor

Dr Cherie Hawkins'

Dr Cherie Hawkins' main area of expertise is in career development and life aspirations, and she is passionate about programs, projects and activities that enable individuals to build their skills and knowledge through experiential learning.

This course has been developed by a team of highly experienced educators, industry experts and skilled professional practitioners including Dr Cherie Hawkins', Dr Ana Lobo, Jennifer Kemp-Smith, Dr Amanda Harper, Associate Professor Andrea Carr, and Netty Gibson. It has been informed by community and industry consultation and draws on contemporary principles and practices.