Tasmanian Manufacturing Pilot Program

Building the skills of your current and future workforce.

About this program

Funding support has been provided by the Commonwealth Department of Education to offer a suite of ‘micro credentials’ (short credit bearing courses) to the Tasmanian Manufacturing sector. This includes a range of skills that are required to interface with technology and support change over time.

The program includes a series of short (10 hour) fully online, self-paced courses. In early 2023, a number of face-to-face practical workshops will also be available to participate in.

The intent of this pilot program is to:

  • Support businesses to upskill their workforce in a manageable way – shorter time commitments, immediate areas of skill need, stackable credentials over time.
  • Demonstrate the value of these ‘future skills’ to the business with a shorter ‘investment’ of employee time
  • Expand the reach and benefit of the program to many Tasmanian businesses

This opportunity is free of charge for eligible Tasmanian small to medium businesses (those employing 200 or less employees).

Did you know?

  • Each course you complete in the series will provide a credential into the unit ZPP101 Professional Skills and Practice
  • Employees can register in a single course or pick and mix from a range to personalise a learning journey
  • The courses are fully online to enable employees to learn when and where they choose

Meet your instructor

Dr Cherie Hawkins is the course coordinator of the experiential education team at University College, University of Tasmania.

Cherie works collaboratively to ensure all programs within the University College are practice-based, and include hands-on learning, to enable learners to develop a range of employability skills.

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