Party: Assemblies of God


In Tasmania, Assemblies of God are made up of autonomous Pentecostal churches led by an elected state President.


Pentecostals are distinguished by their belief in spiritual gifts, most notably 'tongues', prophecy and healing. They are generally characterised by contemporary worship. The Australian Assemblies of God commenced in 1937 when several fledgling groups of Pentecostal churches decided to combine. The Tasmanian Assemblies of God commenced in 1959 when Pastor David Morris pioneered the Hobart Assembly of God, which was pastored by Ron Wilson from 1974 to 2004. Pastor Phil Hills pioneered the Launceston Assembly of God in 1961 and the Burnie Assembly of God in 1967. The Devonport Assembly of God was pioneered by Pastor David Cartledge in 1964. In 2002 there were 22 Tasmanian assemblies with around 2000 constituents.

Andrew Corbett

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