Biographical entry: Edgar, Stephen (1951 - )

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Poet and Writer


Stephen John Edgar, poet, was born in Sydney but moved to Hobart, where he graduated in Classics at the University of Tasmania.


He has published five volumes of verse, most recently Corrupted treasures (1995), Where the trees were (1999) and lost in the foreground (2003). While he has also worked as a librarian and as poetry editor of Island magazine, Edgar self-deprecatingly reckons that 'his life has been almost entirely without incident'. Praised abroad by Clive James and Peter Porter, Edgar is a dextrous experimenter with words and forms. His poems engage a cosmopolitan world of art and literature. They are also attuned to the local beauties of Tasmania, as in 'Arcadia', a meditation inspired by Oyster Cove and offered in memory of Gwen Harwood.

Peter Pierce

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