Corporate entry: Goliath Cement


Goliath Cement began as the Tasmanian Cement Company in 1923. Located at Railton because of its huge limestone deposits and proximity to Devonport as a shipping outlet, the company began cement manufacture in 1926, with its first annual output 25,000 tons. In 1928, Tasmanian Cement was taken over by Goliath Portland Cement, which after several mergers became part of Cement Australia in 2003. Contracted to supply cement for the Sydney Harbour Bridge contract, the Company was more successful than its Maria Island contemporary, National Portland Cement. Initially, it had the only fully automatic mill of its kind in Australia, and was the first to develop the carriage of bulk cement by sea. Its cement helped construct Tasmanian high-rise buildings, bridges and dams.

Goliath Cement dominates the Tasmanian market, and ships 90 percent of its output interstate. The name Goliath now applies only to the cement produced.

Wendy Rimon

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