Biographical entry: Pringle, Harry Lempriere (c. 1870 - 1914)

c. 1870
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
London, England


Harry Lempriere Pringle, basso.


Born in Hobart, he studied there, then in the early 1890s with Amy Sherwin's teacher, Julius Stockhausen, in Frankfurt. Pringle appeared at Covent Garden between 1897 and 1900 in many roles including The marriage of Figaro, Fidelio, Lucia di Lammermoor and much Wagner, with Jean De Reszke, Pol Plancon and Lilian Nordica. During these years he toured the USA, with Albani and Patti, singing at the 'Met'.

Returning to Australia in 1900, Pringle greatly impressed local critics and was a soloist at federation ceremonies in Melbourne, 1901. After 1902 he made several sound recordings, appearing in at least one film, The lure of London. In 1910 he created Massakroff in The chocolate soldier in London, where he died.

Jeff Brownrigg

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