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Probus Clubs are a division of Rotary Clubs.They began in the United Kingdom in 1965 and spread to Australia in 1976.


Probus Clubs provide social, educational and recreational opportunities for retired professional and business people. They are non-fundraising, and costs are kept to a minimum.

The first Tasmanian Probus Club was established at Moonah in 1981. Other clubs soon followed, at Hobart and Launceston in 1982. The earliest clubs were for men and women separately. As Probus spread to the outer suburbs and country districts, combined clubs became popular. In 2003 there were 72 Probus Clubs in Tasmania: 31 in the north, 29 in the south and 12 in the north-west. They consisted of 22 men's, 26 ladies' and 24 combined clubs. The current membership is close to 5000.

Murray Yaxley

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