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Program 2017

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Teaching Matters 2017 | Program | 28 NovemberNov 2017

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Day 1
Session time Room Presentation
University Centre Foyer

Supporting academics supporting students: the new Student Retention and Success website

Jane Skalicky, Julia Carew and Kristin Warr-Pedersen

University Centre Foyer

Student and staff perceptions of OSCE-based assessment in postgraduate psychology training programs

Mandy Matthewson

09.30-10.00 University Centre Foyer

Registration and coffee

10.00-10.12 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Welcome and opening

Prof Noel Frankham, Auntie Brenda Hodge, Prof Dianne Nicol

10.12-11.00 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Keynote presentation: Teachers making a difference to regional university students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds

Prof Marcia Devlin, RMIT University

11.00-12.00 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Panel session

Prof Natalie Brown (facilitator), Prof Marcia Devlin, Prof Margaret Noble, Dr Greg Hannan, Dr Stuart Crispin, Ms Tracy Douglas, Mr Cameron Marshall

12.00-12.30 University Centre Foyer



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12.35-12.55 Social Sciences 209

Evaluating Police Studies programs: reconciling Academia and Academy

Isabelle Bartkowiak-Théron, Romy Winter

12.35-12.55 Social Sciences 210

Putting students at the fore of curriculum design in the Degrees of Difference

Jo-Anne Kelder, Joseph Crawford

12.35-12.55 Social Sciences 211

Reaching out to Industry: an example of an educational partnership

Corinna Dwan, Tristan Ling

12.35-12.55 Social Sciences 213

Making a difference through Photovoice

Susanne Becker

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

An introduction to the OEL Toolkit

Beale Gurney, Tony Carew

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

From Flatpack to Bookcase: development of an online resource for students and staff

Christine Angel, Rob Lewis

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

MyLO MATE: saving time in MyLO, with a new Google Chrome extension that improves productivity

Kevin Lyall, Connor Deckers

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Supporting cross-disciplinary unit development – making a difference to lecturers

Jo Osborne, Rachael Phegan

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Facilitating online discussions effectively: a guide for staff

Tracy Douglas

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Status of Health Literacy in undergraduate students enrolled in the Faculty of Health: implications for improving the curriculum to enable future graduates to be work-ready

Carey Mather, Tracy Douglas

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Pressure injury prevention: Australian Nursing students knowledge and attitudes

Annette Saunders, Andrea Miller

12.35-13.35 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Get PSYCHed – Psychology Students Yearning for Careers in Helping: an education program

Mandy Matthewson

12.55-13.15 Social Sciences 209

Measuring student engagement and participation using learning analytics: A case study at the University of Tasmania

Soonja Yeom, Saurabh Garg, Gerry Kregor

12.55-13.15 Social Sciences 210

Design and delivery of a Global Masterclass in Horticulture

Alistair Gracie, Tina Acuña

12.55-13.15 Social Sciences 211

Blended delivery of Seafarer competency courses: making the concept a reality through modern technologies and learning tools

Gamini Lokuketagoda

12.55-13.15 Social Sciences 213

Interdisciplinary training and articulation in the creative arts: renewals and opportunities

Meg Keating, Toby Juliff

13.15-13.35 Social Sciences 209

Task-oriented assessment for authentic learning in an introductory programming unit

James Montgomery

13.15-13.35 Social Sciences 210

Reflective practice: key to enhancing online learning and dementia care practice for students at Foundation level in the Bachelor of Dementia Care

Sunny Jang, Hoang Nguyen

13.15-13.35 Social Sciences 211

Interdisciplinary online teaching and learning to examine sex crimes

Jeremy Prichard

13.15-13.35 Social Sciences 213

Straddling both sides of the barbed-wire fence: enhancing the working student experience in online learning

Nazlee Siddiqui


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13.40-14.00 Social Sciences 209

Curriculum Evaluation Research framework and building SOTL capability

Jo-Anne Kelder, Andrea Carr

13.40-14.00 Social Sciences 210

SIPS: refreshing perspectives on creative application of disciplinary knowledge

Millie Rooney, Rose Kling, Tim Millbank

13.40-14.00 Social Sciences 211

Promoting self-regulated learning through feedback for nursing students completing formative online multiple-choice question tests

Richard Say

13.40-14.00 Social Sciences 213

Integrating Research & Teaching: enhancing & extending the undergraduate experience

Alex Bissember

13.40-14.00 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

A Decade of PASS at UTAS

Jane Skalicky, Jennifer Kemp-Smith

14.00-14.20 Social Sciences 209

A scholarly approach to course review: developing a teaching cost to revenue metric and quality score

Justin Walls, Andrea Carr, Jo-Anne Kelder

14.00-14.20 Social Sciences 210

Engaging students and teachers as partners in eVALUating learning

Cassandra Saunders, Melanie Ross

14.00-14.20 Social Sciences 211

Online tools adapted from industry for teaching agricultural science at university

Tina Acuña

14.00-14.20 Social Sciences 213

A new ‘creative commons’ in art and design learning and teaching: introducing Critical Practices via cross-state blended learning

Toby Juliff, Maria Kunda, Wendy Fountain

14.00-14.40 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Enhancing Indigenous Student Success in Higher Education

Meegan Hall, Michelle Trudgett

14.20-14.40 Social Sciences 209

‘We have ways of making you write’: building SOTL capability and culture at UTAS

Steve Drew, Andrea Carr, Jo-Anne Kelder

14.20-14.40 Social Sciences 210

Conversations challenging assumptions in teaching and learning spaces

Craig Campbell, Mehrdad Heydari

14.20-14.40 Social Sciences 211

The emotional impact of student feedback

Andrea Adam

14.20-14.40 Social Sciences 213

A 360-degree approach to evaluating WIL: creating meaningful experiences for students, sponsoring organisations, industry mentors and educators

Gemma Lewis, Belinda Williams

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

Afternoon tea

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

Developing a 360 degrees evaluation instrument for Work Integrated Learning projects

Stephen Allen

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

A Peer Learning Circle to review and support pharmacology teaching across the Faculty of Health

Bonnie Bereznicki

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

Daylight is coming

Leah Chandler, Rebecca Foweraker, Carolyn Stagg

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

Meeting student needs through MyLO: associations between engagement mode, prior learning and unit results?

James Fell

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

The Performance of Teaching: creative, engaging and effective presentations online

Megan Quentin-Baxter

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

HyFlex for Physical Science

Susan Turland

14.40-15.10 University Centre Foyer

University College: creating opportunities for students

Andrea Carr

15.10-15.45 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Trivia Matters

Beale Gurney, Tony Carew

15.45-16.00 Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre

Acknowledgment of Award Recipients and Conference Close

Prof Noel Frankham

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