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Program 2016

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Teaching Matters 2016 | Program | 7 DecemberDec 2016

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Day 1
Session time Room Presentation
06.45 N/A

Bus departs from Hobart

06.45: Bus stop 12, Sandy Bay
06.55: Derwent Entertainment Centre, with one comfort stop at Ross or Campbell Town

09.30-10.00 Foyer

Registration and Coffee

10.00-10.10 Performing Theatre

Welcome to the Conference

Professor Megan Quentin-Baxter

10.00-10.10 Performing Theatre

Welcome to Country

Aunty Dawn Blazeley

10.10-10.30 Performing Theatre

Launch of the Curriculum Renewal White Paper

Professor David Sadler, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Students & Education and Associate Professor Natalie Brown

10.30-11.15 Performing Theatre

Keynote Presentation

Professor Sally Kift, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), at James Cook University (JCU) and the elected President of the Australian Learning and Teaching Fellows (ALTF)

11.15-11.25 Performing Theatre

Student Experience

Saraswathy Varatharajullu

11.30-12.30 Academy Gallery

Unpacking critical moments in learning and teaching programs

Clayton Hawkins*

11.30-12.30 Academy Gallery

Promoting human relationships for successful online learning and engagement

Patricia Whannell*

11.30-12.30 Academy Gallery

Many brains make student learning lighter work: investigating peer-to-peer synchronous engagement to engage the postgraduate online student

Nazlee Siddiqui*, Kerryn Butler-Henderson, Kathy Eljiz, David Greenfield

11.30-12.30 Academy Gallery

Building an online Scientific Communication Skills resource: creating contentful engagement

Penny Rush*, Robert Tarbath*, Jon Osborn, Brooke Sheldon, Nazlee Siddiqui, Morag Porteous, Louise Oxley, Julian Dermoudy, David Wood

11.30-12.30 Drawing Room

Science in the blender

Barbara Holland*, Susan Turland*, Tracy Douglas*, Simon Ellingsen*, Chris Burke, Andrew Seen, Sharon Fraser*

11.30-12.30 Lecture Theatre

Student peers as partners in learning

Jane Skalicky*, Andrea Carr, Kristin Warr, Sally Fuglsang, Harriet Speed

11.30-12.30 Lecture Theatre

A win-win approach for students and sustainability

Carmen Primo Perez*, Corey Peterson, Kim Beasy, Millie Rooney, Kamal Singh

11.30-12.30 Lecture Theatre

Gender Matters: ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’ addressing unconscious gender bias in teaching

Nicolá Goc*

11.30-12.30 Lecture Theatre

UTAS Teaching for Togetherness: Utilizing student & community partnerships to deliver the Clemente Program in Tasmania

Miriam Doi*, Lorise Clark*, Mitchell Rolls, Elizabeth Freeman

11.30-12.30 Meeting Room

Synergies and innovation for staff and students in the development and delivery of a Fermented Food and Drink breadth unit

Anna Carew*, Simon James, Gemma Lewis, Simone Bingham*, Kim Backhouse, Jo Jones, Rachel Phegan

11.30-12.30 Meeting Room

Peripherality, place and possibilities

Merete Schmidt*, Melissa Finnen*, Peter Brett, Sharon Dennis

11.30-12.30 Meeting Room

Engaging initial teacher education students with community: Embedding Work-Integrated Learning into an undergraduate unit

Casey Mainsbridge*

11.30-12.30 Meeting Room

WIL in Science: Development of a generic unit for BSc students

Tina Acuna*, Shane Powell, Andrew Seen, Nicole Herbert, Susie Haley, Robert Kingsley

12.30-13.20 Foyer

A new interactive learning tool - MOLYPOLY2

Susan Turland*, Winyu Chinthammit

12.30-13.20 Foyer


  • Poster Presentations during lunch (3 minutes each) from 13.00 onwards
  • Tram ride and Tram Museum

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Remote Participation to Enrich the Learning Experience: Beaming a whole class to the other side of the planet

Christopher Lueg*, Meredith Castles*, Alex Dune*, Sonia Rodrigo

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Welcome to the new Scientific Communication Skills online resource – Scribbling and Babbling with the best!

Ashley Edwards*, Jon Osborn, Penny Rush, Morag Porteous, Brooke Sheldon, David Wood, Julian Dermoudy, Nazlee Siddiqui, Louise Oxley

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Profiling Students in the Unique Online Bachelor of Dementia Care Program

Lyn Goldberg*, Alison Canty, Anna King, Anthony Cook, Maree Farrow, Kathleen Doherty

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Student perception of Teaching-research nexus (TRN): Greater need for utility of research into curriculum

Frances Fan*, Susan Salter*, Rajaraman Eri*

12.30-13.20 Foyer

SMARTFARM learning hub: Next generation precision agriculture technologies for agricultural education

Mark Trotter* (UNE), Amy Cosby (UNE), Tieneke Trotter (UNE), Sue Gregory (UNE), Tina Acuna*, Wendy Fasso (Central Queensland University)

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Good practice guide: Threshold learning outcomes for agriculture

Tina Acuna*, Amanda Able (University of Adelaide)

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Curriculum of the future: Sustainability a must!

Kim Beasy*, Corey Peterson, Alex Tomlinson, The Australian National University

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Blended learning, advancing perceptions and practice

Doug Colbeck*, Beverly Goldfarb* & Kevin Lyall*

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Exploring how Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) supports English acquisition from the perspectives of international students with Asian backgrounds

Megan Short*, Zhao Huang*

12.30-13.20 Foyer

3Rs - Respect, Relationships Reconciliation - digital online resource for students and staff

Clair Andersen*

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Using a survey following an assessment to encourage students’ self-assessment of, and preparedness to change, their approaches to study

Dwight Assenheimer*, Jane Rienks*

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Raising the Bar: Quality oversight and support of peer programs

Jane Skalicky*, Sally Fuglsang, Kristin Warr

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Business simulations as a Work Integrated Learning methodology

Stephen Allen*

12.30-13.20 Foyer

Supervision as Pedagogy - the receiving end

Indira Venkatraman*, Paul Shantapriyan, Graham Gourlay*

13.20-14.20 Academy Gallery

The First Year Experience at the University of Tasmania

Tracy Douglas*, Merran Rogers*

13.20-14.20 Academy Gallery

Are you developing Capability in your Graduates?

Patricia Bromley*, Sharon Fraser, Doug Colbeck

13.20-14.20 Academy Gallery

A framework for developing and supporting student leadership

Jane Skalicky*, Sally Fuglsang, Kristin Warr

13.20-14.20 Academy Gallery

How can we avoid ‘lost in translation’ moments in cross-cultural supervision?

Wendy Green*, Clair Andersen*

13.20-14.20 Academy Gallery

Students as partner

Stuart Schonell*

13.20-14.20 Meeting Room

Developing student capacities to engage in online/blended experiential learning

Julie Davidson*, Andrew Harwood*, Vishnu Prahalad*, Michael Lockwood*

13.20-14.20 Tutorial Room

WIL teaching and assessment barometer

Margaret Kling*

14.20-15.20 Academy Gallery

Video vignettes: Planning, creating, and delivering resources to a diverse student base

Robert Ceperkovic*, Susan Bell, Anna Klebansky, Lucy Sun

14.20-15.20 Academy Gallery

Using tablets to deliver mathematics learning and assessment tasks tailored to diverse student needs

Jane Stratton*, David Vender*

14.20-15.20 Academy Gallery

Creating successful staff-student partnerships in an online learning environment

Anthony Cook, David Ward, Alison Canty, Anna King, Lyn Goldberg*

14.20-15.20 Academy Gallery

Bringing a sense of place to cyber space

Janet Counsell*, Tanya Wadwell*

14.20-15.20 Drawing Room

So what is SoTL, and how do I do it? A practical workshop on writing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Kerryn Butler-Henderson*, Derek Choi-Lundberg*, Tracy Douglas*, Wendy Green*, Kristyn Harman*, Clayton Hawkins*, Heidi Smith*

14.20-15.20 Lecture Theatre

Practice and portfolios: Embedding WIL in Associate Degrees

Clayton Hawkins*, Mark Symes*, Melina Burbury, Janelle Allison, Dayna Broun, Ray Collins (University of Queensland)

14.20-15.20 Lecture Theatre

Professional Placement: Prep for PEP

Maree Bauld*, Annette Saunders*, John Cooper*, Danielle Williams*

14.20-15.20 Lecture Theatre

Measuring, and reporting, students’ experiential learning experiences: A consistent, sector-wide approach to enhance the quality of WIL

Cassandra Saunders*, Annette Marlow*

14.20-15.20 Lecture Theatre

Enhancing the sharing of learning and teaching resources at UTAS

Luke Padgett*, Carina Bossu*

14.20-15.20 Meeting Room

“Just Imagine that...”: A solution focused approach to Doctoral research supervision in health and social care

Kenneth Walsh*, Patrick Crookes (Australian Catholic University), Karen Ford, Kathleen Doherty, Loretta Andersen, Sharon Bingham, Robert McSherry (Teesside University), Elizabeth Cummings*

14.20-15.20 Meeting Room

Helping Hands: Transforming practice through innovation in supervision

Carey Mather*, Tony Barnett, Weidong Huang, Vlasti Broucek, Annette Saunders

14.20-15.20 Meeting Room

Partnership the key to a successful Professional Doctorate Programme

Kim Walker*, Elizabeth Cummings*

14.20-15.20 Meeting Room

Leadership development: Enhancing staff and student mentor capability to improve engagement and retention in a two-year ‘fast track’ degree program

Marguerite Bramble*, Grace Stankiewicz*, Rochelle Einboden*, Hazel Maxwell*, Richard Say, Chin Liang Beh, Sally Farrington, Graham Munro, Greg Rickard

15.20-15.50 Performing Theatre

Associate Degrees

Professor Janelle Allison, Principal, Associate Degrees and Panel of Associate Deans Learning & Teaching

15.50-16.00 Performing Theatre

Summing up, presentation of awards and raffle prizes

A/Prof Natalie Brown and Prof Sally Kift to award prizes

16.00-16.30 Foyer

Wine Reception

Poster collection and clean up

16.30 N/A

Bus departs for Hobart

Making one stop at the Derwent Entertainment Centre before returning to the Sandy Bay Campus

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