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Teaching Matters 2018 | Presentation Details | 2018


From a flopped to a flipped classroom


Fred Gale, School of Social Sciences


Excellent teaching happens by design

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The aim of this presentation is to highlight how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can be encountered in moving from a conventional to a flipped classroom approach. With student in-class attendance at lectures declining, I decided to trial the flipped classroom approach in Semester 2, 2017 in my third year unit HIR 307 Global Political Economy. However, despite consulting colleagues and reviewing some literature regarding this approach, my design and implementation proved suboptimal with results reflected in poor eValuate assessments.

Following a review of student eValuate concerns, as well as my own understanding of the unit’s deficiencies, I completely redesigned my approach for my Sem 1 2018 unit, HIR309 Third World Development.

The new approach worked considerably better, in my own and students’ estimation, as reflected in much better eValuate reports. The basic lessons appear to be that in moving from a conventional to a flipped classroom approach an academic needs to (a) more clearly state the purpose and structure of the likely new unfamiliar arrangements; (b) provide weekly Eco360 mini-lectures in addition to curating external resources; (c) be circumspect in employing MyLO’s web conferencing tool; and (d) establish an assessment regime that encourages weekly participation linked to self-directed study.

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