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Treating the patient from start to finish: Case-based interprofessional learning for paramedicine, medicine and pharmacy students


Bonnie Bereznicki, School of Medicine
Vanni Caruso, School of Medicine
Judi Errey, School of Medicine
Leigh Parker, School of Medicine
Jonathon Sward, School of Medicine
Anne-Marie Williams, School of Medicine


Excellent teaching engages students and encourages them to learn

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Inter-professional learning (IPL) is essential in preparing collaborative practice-ready health professionals; however, it is underutilised in the earlier years of health degrees. The aim of this Teaching Development Grant project was to design, implement and evaluate case-based IPL workshops for 2nd year para-medicine, medicine and pharmacy students. This presentation will focus on feedback from students and facilitators and lessons learned.

Two case-based IPL workshops were developed, following a fictional patient from the emergency environment, into the hospital through to discharge and into the community. The workshops were facilitated by doctors, paramedics and pharmacists. Student and facilitator surveys followed each workshop to gauge views and feedback about the activities.

More than 90% of students stated that the IPL workshops enhanced their understanding of the role and expertise of other health professionals, and their understanding of the diagnosis and management of medical conditions. They enjoyed learning about other professions and how the roles interconnect, and how the patient is treated at different stages. The majority of facilitators agreed that the teaching experience increased their confidence in facilitating IPL, and that increased IPL activities would improve working relationships between health professionals after qualification. Suggestions included the need for equal opportunities for input from students in each discipline, and ongoing IPL throughout each degree.

Feedback from students and facilitators showed high levels of satisfaction with the IPL workshops. Ongoing IPL would be well-received, enabling knowledge and skills necessary for inter-professional working to be learnt.

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