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Teaching Matters 2018 | Presentation Details | 2018


The High Impact Learning Experience Toolbox


Clayton Hawkins, University College
Netty Gibson, University College


Excellent teaching engages students and encourages them to learn

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High Impact Learning Experiences (HILEs) are a key requirement in blended and fully-online courses and units of study, as outlined in the Blended Learning Model 1-5 Framework (University of Tasmania, 2015). While HILEs can increase student engagement, reinforce learning, provide formative learning opportunities, offer collaborative learning spaces, and build student communities, they can also facilitate students to meet the learning objectives of the courses and units.

The University College Media Team (UCMe) has recently developed a toolbox of readily available Web 2.0 tools that showcase what can be embedded in online content to deliver the HILEs. These tools assist to achieve what is expected of contemporary, blended or fully-online curricula.

As a pilot, the UCMe worked with the Unit Coordinator of ZAA110 Lean Thinking in Practice, Dr Clayton Hawkins, to review a previous delivery of his unit, to determine where relevant digital HILEs could be embedded into to the weekly online content. Working in collaboration, available HILEs were reviewed and appropriate options were selected to test an engaging and collaborative learning experience for the students.

This presentation will outline the tools and applications utilised in the pilot, including interactive H5P activities, Coggle mind-maps, Padlet discussion boards, and Facebook groups. It will examine how they have been used to create engaging and context-relevant learning opportunities for students studying Lean Thinking in Practice.


University of Tasmania. (2015). Blended Learning Model 1-5 Framework. Available from: https://mylo.utas.edu.au/d2l/lor/viewer/viewFile.d2lfile/7843/89964,3/

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