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An inclusive toolkit for UTAS staff: enhancing the teaching learning experience for students with disability


Darlene McLennan, Student Wellbeing
Tracy Douglas, School of Health Sciences
Nicole Crawford, Pre-degree Programs
Carol Devereaux, Student Wellbeing
Elizabeth Freeman, School of Humanities
Merran Rogers, Pre-degree Programs
Barbara Baird, Pre-degree Programs
Robin Barnes, University College


Excellent teaching engages students and encourages them to learn

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Students with disability at UTAS are supported by disability advisors. However, such support is not the sole responsibility of the disability team. As the University is required to work within the Federal Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and the Disability Standards for Education (2005), it is important that all UTAS staff (academic and professional) are aware of their obligations, and engage in learning and teaching, and advice and support practices that are informed by these legislative frameworks. It is often the case that staff have limited knowledge of disability, its diversity and the support or adjustments required, which can unintentionally impact negatively on students’ experiences.

To fill this gap in knowledge, a group of staff, passionate about inclusive learning and teaching, has created an online toolkit underpinned by the following aims:

  1. enhance the understanding of disability amongst UTAS staff;
  2. provide UTAS staff with resources to support students with disability;
  3. improve the understanding and application of learning access plans at UTAS;
  4. provide a resource that is UTAS-context specific that aligns with current processes, policies and procedures.

Located on MyLO, the toolkit provides information about a range of disabilities, including physical disability, specific learning disability, and mental health conditions, and considers the implications for learning, teaching and support. It includes short videos and resources; staff can access specific information quickly and easily. At Teaching Matters, we will showcase the online resource and seek your feedback before launching the MyLO site by the commencement of Semester 1, 2019.

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