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Teaching Matters 2018 | Presentation Details | 2018


Showcasing the ORB website


Clair Andersen, Tasmanian Institute of Learning & Teaching


Excellent teaching engages students and encourages them to learn

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Excellent teaching relies on access to good resources. This session will introduce The Orb - a collection of online multimedia resources designed to assist the teaching of Tasmanian Aboriginal histories and cultures, which is available globally online at: The Orb. The Orb reflects the holistic nature of Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and the interconnections between people, Country, culture, identity, and the living community.

The night-sky motif is inspired by creation stories and represents the deep and enduring connection Aboriginal people have with the land, sea, sky and waterways of trowunna/lutruwita/Tasmania. Tasmanian Aboriginal people are the primary voice in this resource. Their stories are content-based and autobiographical. The audience is invited to walk with them and to develop empathy for their story. The Aboriginal speakers appearing in The Orb are from multiple generations, families and communities.

The Orb is a highly visual resource, suited to a range of learning styles. It embraces a number of Aboriginal ways of being, knowing, thinking and doing including learning through Country, narrative and cultural practice. The resource has three sections: Living Cultures, Layers of Time and Connection to Place.

This presentation will feature the Living Cultures sections which includes resources for Ochre, Dance, Muttonbirding, Fibres, Shelters and Stone Tools. Each Living Culture resource has three to five sections, containing short video clips and pages that contain a quote and discussion questions, additional information or investigations.


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