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Conference Proceedings

The Teaching Matters Conference Proceedings are published annually by the Centre for Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT), University of Tasmania.

Volume 1 – 2007

Proceedings of the 6th Teaching Matters Conference
Showcasing Innovation
University of Tasmania

Showcase Papers

These papers have passed through the full reviewing and editorial process and have been referred according to the DEEWR procedure required for refereed conference articles.

Howells, K., Booth, S., Brown, N., Fitzallen, N. & Satterthwait, D.
The enhancement of generic attributes through assessment tasks and reflective learning.
Full paper (PDF 81KB)

Nursey-Bray, M.
E+S=DM: Using science to teach social science and build critical thinking skills.
Full paper (PDF 70KB)

Position Papers

These are peer-reviewed papers that are theoretically based, within the context of relevant literature.

Scott, M.
Journals: Their role in creative teaching.
Full paper (PDF 470KB)

Teaching Innovations: Selected Conference Papers

These papers have been selected to demonstrate examples of innovative practice and can be counted as F2 publications.

Andrews, R. & Sweeney, B.
The Kalahari approach to inter-cultural community engagement.
Full paper (PDF 77KB)

Haslem, N. & Woodward, M.
Typotastic: A collaborative teaching and learning model.
Full paper (PDF 43KB)

Parry, B.
Implementation of a teaching innovation at the rural clinical school.
Full paper (PDF 99KB)

Wallis, L. & Wood, D.
'What an idiot!' Building better working relationships between architects and engineers.
Full paper (PDF 156KB)

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Teaching Matters Program 2007 (PDF 630KB)