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Teaching Matters 2017 | Presentation Details | 28 NovemberNov 2017


MyLO MATE: saving time in MyLO, with a new Google Chrome extension that improves productivity


Kevin Lyall, School of Health Sciences & Tasmanian School of Business and Economics
Connor Deckers, School of Health Sciences


Advancing the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching

Presentation Type

Lightning Presentation


Stanley Burbury Lecture Theatre




Competing central and vendor priorities conspire to create an environment where it is very difficult to effectively change the functionality of MyLO in order to improve its efficiency. Certain enhancements would also be beneficial only to users in support roles and not for lecturers. Recognising this, members of the Building eLearning Community of Practice, and educational technologists Kevin Lyall and Connor Deckers, have worked together to produce a Google Chrome extension that changes how MyLO, MyLO Manager and Echo360 operate in order to improve the speed of certain repetitive tasks for all users.

Practical examples of efficiencies include:

  • More direct access to date restrictions for quizzes in MyLO;
  • More direct access to Turnitin settings in assessment folders in MyLO;
  • Ability to download all videos from an entire Echo360 unit, with files named appropriately;
  • Ability to create custom groups of staff for adding to units in MyLO Manager.

This session will introduce some of the features of extension most useful to lecturers, and demonstrate how it can save staff time when working in MyLO. The developers are keen to receive more feedback on MyLO MATE’s current functionality and ideas for possible future use.

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