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Teaching Matters 2017 | Presentation Details | 28 NovemberNov 2017


Supporting academics supporting students: the new Student Retention and Success website


Jane Skalicky, Student Retention and Success
Julia Carew, Student Retention and Success
Casey Crouch, Student Retention and Success
Kristin Warr-Pedersen, Student Retention and Success


Making a Difference for Students

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Student Retention and Success at UTAS provides a range of integrated services, programs, and other initiatives to support students in their transition to university and to enhance their academic, personal and career development throughout the university lifecycle. As part of the Student Experience portfolio, Student Retention and Success also works closely with College, Faculty and Institute staff to enhance student engagement and academic progression and to assist academic staff in their support of students. This presentation showcases the recently developed Student Retention and Success Staff Support website created specifically to support and guide College, Faculty and Institute staff and explore ways in which staff can collaborate with the SRS team to enhance student outcomes.

On an individual level, the website assists staff to navigate the student support, development and extension opportunities offered by Student Retention and Success (e.g., academic study skills support, language and literacy development, peer-based learning, career development and employment, personal counselling, VCLP, B.Philosophy) and refer them to appropriate resources based on the inquiries or issues that students are encountering.

On a strategic level, the website assists staff to identify the most appropriate people and programs to collaborate with in order to enhance the student experience and address patterns affecting the academic success, retention, wellbeing and employability of students within courses and units, particularly where students at risk of failure and/or disengagement is identified.

In line with the key focus areas of Student Retention and Success, the site is first navigated through the three broad themes of Academic Success, Wellbeing and Employability. Once staff have identified their main area of interest they can then drill down to the appropriate referral points (Where to Refer Students) or collaborative opportunities (Collaborate with Us) aimed at assisting students in that theme area. There are also links in the site referring staff directly to the information relating to other Student Experience portfolio areas such as Riawunna, Residences, UniGym, UTASLife, and a range of Student Services and Ask Us resources.

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