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Connections Roundtable

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Teaching Matters 2020 | Presentation Details | 1 January 20231 Jan 2023


Connections Roundtable


  • Andrea Adam, Tasmania Institute Learning and Teaching, Academic Division

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Plenary Room




How do we live well, teach well and learn well?

In this session, participants will discuss the theme of the conference - how do we strengthen connections for learning in 2021? Organised around the sub-themes of digital and community connections, place and connectedness, participants will share insights from own experience and from the conference to build recommendations for the development of connection at the individual, college and institution level.

  • How do we build, maintain and grow meaningful connections remotely?
  • How can we support an enriched and connected student experience; preparing our future graduates to take their place as participants and shapers of the workforce, professions and community?
  • How does a sense of place, belonging and responsibility inspire our teaching? What does place mean for us across a multi-campus University, and for our students learning in places across Australia?
  • How do we support student and staff wellbeing for learning, foster resilience, and combat isolation with connection?

During the session, we will use the Connections Roundtable Padlet.

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